At Boneo PS we encourage the children to play in the gardens. During lunchtimes they are able to select items such as lengths of fabric, pegs, cooking utensils, boards and shelves from the shed to enhance this imaginative and creative type of play. Natural garden play stimulates many aspects of the children’s development, including powers of observation, social interaction, language, problem solving, collaborative skills, independence and creativity.

Equally important is the sense of wonder and connection to nature that the children can experience whilst playing in our natural gardens.



Many of our funded students who are on the autism spectrum have the opportunity to access Applied Behaviour Analysis therapy. This opportunity is provided by the Light Up Autism Foundation and we have a very close working relationship with this not for profit organisation.

Our educational support staff are trained in the delivery of ABA and the program is written by a skilled psychologist provided by Light Up Autism. We are very fortunate to be able to offer this program to support our students.



The Hands on Learning program is a unique experience for a select number of students in the senior school to learn academic, social and building skills. Hands on Learning is also a Wellbeing program, offering these students an alternate way to develop their skills while also talking about their life experiences. All while completing projects such as fence building, creating a flowing river bed (our Harmony Swale) and our latest mission – a pizza oven and outdoor eating area. The Hands on Learning program can only run through community support and is indebted to Luke Munn (a dad at the school) for his contributions.



Our Friendship Couch was designed, built and decorated by our students. The couch celebrates our local environment and our diversity.  It is a place to meet new friends and to share in quiet times.



At Boneo we have developed a Buddy program to join our biggest and littlest students.

The purpose of a Buddy program is to provide social and support networks for new Prep students, by promoting a sense of community and belonging within the school.

Our Buddy program develops relationships between the younger and older children, enhancing the sense of a friendly and supportive school community. The benefits of a buddy system are twofold – the older children learn to take on responsibility and acknowledges their leadership, while the younger children know that they have a fellow student they can confidently turn to for support.

Our senior students begin to look after their little buddies before school even begins. They meet and exchange letters and pictures prior to commencing school, and are present from day one for support and reassurance.

Our Buddy classes meet once a fortnight for activities including games and sport, shared reading, visits to our Wetlands and computer lab. Regular collaboration between our buddy classes creates a sense of whole-school community. The friendships developed enable both older and younger buddies to bond more closely with their school, increasing the likelihood of more positive school behaviour for all students.



Boneo Primary School is supported by both external and department based paraprofessionals.

Speech Pathologist

The Department of Education and Training provide us with a school based speech pathologist who attends our school regularly to give advice and at times work with families, teachers and students who require support in this area. Our speech pathologist often engages in assessments and will support students by referring them to our STA program and/or developing a home program that can be followed.


The Department of Education and Training also provides us with a psychologist who works alongside teachers and families requiring this support. The psychologist works closely with our wellbeing team to monitor the social and emotional wellbeing of children as well as student learning and achievement. Classroom observations, advice and recommendations for individual learning plans are part of the support that is provided.

Occupational Therapy

An independent Occupational Therapist also attends our school regularly. OT’s work with individuals, small groups and whole classes based on need. Areas that are addressed include emotional regulation, development of social skills, fine and gross motor coordination.

Other services

The department also provide us with a school nurse who is able to see all prep students upon school entry for a preliminary health assessment. We are also visited by a dental service. Visiting teachers are allocated to students requiring extra support upon application when medical conditions present. At times privately arranged speech pathologists or other paraprofessionals also attend the school upon agreement between the school, the service provider and the family.



Boneo Primary School is a Kids Matter school. KidsMatter is an Australian mental health and well-being initiative set in primary schools. It’s a framework that helps us take care of our children’s mental health needs by:

  • creating positive school communities
  • teaching children skills for good social and emotional development
  • working together with families
  • recognising and getting help for children with mental health problems

As part of our commitment to Kids Matter, mindfulness is embedded into everything we do at Boneo Primary School. Our school values are respect, empathy and determination. These values guide our students decisions and behaviours. Students engage in relaxation techniques, mindful drawing, Smiling Minds, garden play, kitchen garden, the wetlands, mud kitchen, gratitude diaries, value based and emotional literacy lessons. This year we celebrated Education week with a school wide wellbeing day, where students enjoyed mindful activities all day. Our team of wonderful teachers ensure our students have time to reflect, connect, understand their own and others emotions and make time for gratitude weekly.

For more information and assistance, feel free to explore the following websites:



At Boneo Primary School we pride ourselves on being inclusive.  We embrace and celebrate all of our students and love having children here who enrich our lives.  We have a wonderful group of passionate education support staff who work with the teachers to ensure that we meet the needs of all students.



Boneo Primary School is an accredited Sun Smart School. All children are mandated to wear broad brimmed hats throughout terms one and four. Students are actively encouraged to bring to school and wear a broad-spectrum water resistant sunscreen.