At Boneo Primary School Year 3 and 4 students have the opportunity to experience the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program (S.A.K.G.P).  There are many positive educational outcomes for the children as this program is integrated into the curriculum, particularly in the areas of Science, Math and English.

Students participate in garden activities and cook the produce in the outdoor kitchen. Through this process the children grow their own food, enjoy the harvest of the seasons and learn how to prepare, cook and share this food with others.

We are very fortunate to have recently completed a custom designed outdoor kitchen, providing our budding chefs access to modern cooking facilities and a purpose built pizza oven.

Teaching children to grow, harvest, prepare and share their own fruit and vegetables is proven to have a positive impact on the food choices students make. This learning extends beyond the classroom – research shows that engaged, excited students are likely to share their new skills with their family. Pleasurable food education teaches Australian children positive food habits through fun, hands-on learning.

We get so much feedback from principals, parents and of course from the students themselves, about how popular this is and how it’s changing children’s attitudes towards fresh food.

If they have developed that understanding and willingness to expand their horizons as far as food goes, and understand what goes on in the garden and how that food has got on their plate, those insights and understandings will be there for life.” Stephanie Alexander