Boneo Buzz: Friday 8th April

Dear Parents and Carers,

This term has presented some challenges which we have all risen to, and opportunities to celebrate our school and community. Our Family Food and Fun Night and House Athletics Days were term highlights.  On behalf of the staff, I wish to thank our families for being so supportive and proactive to ensure students stayed at home if they were unwell.

Term 2 promises to provide further opportunities to come together. We are looking forward to our traditional ANZAC Assembly on Friday 29th April where Grandparents and Special Friends join the students in class. Kath Bowtell, grandmother of Will and James, has kindly offered to make the scones for our scrumptious morning tea. Please remember to support the children to contact their grandparents.

Key Dates for Term 2

Curriculum Day and Professional Practice Day

The Department of Education designated that schools will have one Curriculum Day and a further day when students will not attend school. On these days teachers work collaboratively to plan for student learning and assessment and engage in professional development.

Following discussion at School Council, we will confirm the Professional Practice Day but I have included the proposed date to support family planning and student care.

ANZAC Day March & Service – Monday 25th April

Students are invited to join Mrs Whitworth and our School Captains for the Rosebud RSL ANZAC Day Service. 

Please meet at the corner of Point Nepean Road and Ninth Avenue, Rosebud at 9.30am. Our school group will march to the Cenotaph for the official service and wreath laying.

Students should be in full school uniform.

Save the date for Term 2

Friday 29th April – ANZAC Service Grand Parent Special Friend visit

Friday 6th May – House Cross Country and Mother’s Day event

Tuesday 10th May to Friday 20th May – Year 3 and Year 5 NAPLAN Online

Wednesday 25th May – Share the Joy of Learning Open Morning

Thursday 2nd June – Friday 3rd June – Year 3 Briars Camp

Friday 10th June – Professional Practice Day 

Monday 13th June – Queens Birthday Weekend

Friday 24th June – Curriculum Day –

For now, I trust you and your children are able to take a very well-deserved break over the school holidays. While you are gone, we have the following plans to further transform our school facilities:

  • Completion of our basketball court cover
  • Synthetic turf to complete our outdoor kitchen
  • Years 3 and 6 portable classrooms externally painted
  • Tanbark replenished on the Junior and Senior playgrounds
  • New shade sails over the Junior playground and Prep courtyard

My sincere thanks for your ongoing support and engagement over this past term. Wishing you a happy and safe holiday break.

Important Reminder – School hats remain compulsory for all students until May. Please ensure your child/ren return for Term 2 with a wide brim Boneo school hat.

Hats are available from our uniform supplier Advanced Promotional Clothing, located at Factory 1/ 3 Trewhitt Court, Dromana.

Tassie Tracks by Zoe Year 4

The Tasmanian Tiger padded through the scorching hot desert of Tasmania. His long-striped tail flowing in the dry wind. He stops as he heard the rough voices and then the echo of a gun fire across the dry plains. His partner is dead! He is the last Tasmanian Tiger left in Australia, or is he?

The three adventurous friends Talia, Rehn and Rob walked through the dry, dusty plains. They came across the ‘Tassie Tracks’. Rob bent down with confusion. “These tracks are too big to be from a dog”, said Rob proudly. “Let’s follow them!” Rehn curiously explained. “Is that safe?” asked Talia. “Yes!” replied Rob. The three friends set off on their small but important adventure. Soon they found the Tassie Tiger, hiding timidly in the long dry grass. Its snout was cautiously sticking out of the grass. “That looks like the snout of a Tassie Tiger!” whispered Talia. “No way!” shrieked Rob, “I thought they’d become extinct years ago!”, “Me too!” declared Rehn.

Rob was straight on the phone to call the Ranger. “What’s the problem kid?” asked Ranger Bob carelessly. “We’ve FOUND a TASMANIAN TIGER!!!!”, the friends enthusiastically yelled into the phone. “I am not taking any of that nonsense what so ever!” replied the Ranger in disbelief. There was more rustling sounds emerging from the long grass. “Make that SIX Tasmanian Tigers!” said Talia with a big smile.  “Oh, my word!” declared Ranger Bob.

Ranger Bob sent out a team of rangers to captured the Tasmanian Tigers and rejoin them with their family. Due to this one discovery by the three friends, there were now thousands of them all over Australia. Who would have thought that three simple kids could make such a big change!

Boneo Athletics Carnival

Snapshot of Learning

Australian Grand Prix – Real Time Learning- Adopt an Engineer Program


On Thursday, we attended the Australian Grand Prix. 

We did a lot of cool things, a Virtual Reality Plane Simulation, car racing game, we held real military guns and saw Brick Man from Lego Masters.

We had so much fun. We saw real Formula 1 cars, they were so loud and fast. We also saw other cars that were not so loud and not so fast. A Lego Macarena F1, an old Ferrari, loads of Porsche Carrera’s racing in the Carrera Cup, V8 Supercars and lots more.

We would like to thank Luke from Real Time Learning and Mrs Whitworth for giving us this amazing opportunity.

Finn & Fred

Year 2 – Inquiry Showcase

This week the Year 2 students showcased their findings into their inquiry ofOur values and beliefs shape who we are’.

Congratulations and well done to all of you! 

Year 1 – Clean up Australia Day

As part of Clean Up Australia Day, today Year 1 students made and wore ‘Where’s Wally Hats’ as they searched the school for rubbish. 

Together the students managed to fill their huge ‘Where’s the Wubbish Bag’ full of rubbish. Icy pole sticks and masks were found to be the main culprits. 


Last Day of Term

Friday 8th April

Early Dismissal at 2.15pm

Boneo Community Market

Saturday 16th April

Car Parking Volunteers Required

All Year Levels Rostered for BBQ Duty

Please contact the Office if you can help

School Resumes for Term 2

Tuesday 26th April

ANZAC Assembly & Grandparent/Special Person Day

Friday 29th April

House Cross Country

Friday 6th May

Further details to follow via Compass

Mother's Day Event

Friday 6th May

Further details to follow via Compass

NAPLAN Year 3 & 5

Tuesday 10th to Friday 20th May

Assessments will occur on selected days within this date range

School Council Meeting

Tuesday 24th May

Share the Joy of Learning Open Morning

Wednesday 25th May

Further details to follow via Compass

Community News