Boneo Buzz: Friday 18th March

Dear Parents and Carers,

As I toured prospective families this week, I was so impressed with the engagement of our students in their learning. Students were writing alphabet sequences on a concrete walkway, collaborating in reading groups and communicating with others as they synthesised information read. These are important skills to develop and will provide a strong basis for learning in high school but also as they move into work situations. As I have spoken about previously, our staff are passionate about the importance of teaching thinking and problem-solving skills as well as group collaboration. I am also impressed with the creativity our students are showing at lunchtime, building forts and playing games that require imaginative play. This type of play is important in the development of the student’s ability to concentrate and take on new knowledge. It is also a pleasure to walk past the students learning outside the classroom. A truly magical experience to witness students from all years wanting to participate and seeing our ‘experienced’ students passing on their knowledge to our younger students.

WORKING BEE Friday 25th March 2:15pm to 6:30pm

Any assistance will be appreciated. No skills required but bring along any gardening tools you may have.

What we will focus on:

  • clean up and replant the veggie gardens along with tidying our new garden outside the office.
  • plant out the walkway gardens
  • rejuvenate the herb garden near the art room

Sausage sizzle and icy poles at 6:30pm to celebrate a job well done.


If you have a child due to commence school in 2023, please complete an ‘Intention to Enrol’ form, available from the office.


Today three students represented Boneo at District tennis. Bodhi in Year 5, Adele and Angus in Year 6 were outstanding competitors and represented our school admirably. Bodhi came third and Angus had closely contested games. Adele has progressed through to Division which is very exciting. We congratulate these students for their outstanding efforts.


Congratulations to our Butterfly champions, Harry and Lelo, who represented Team Boneo at this week’s Division Swimming Carnival. Well done!

Snapshot of Learning

Prep & Year 6 – Buddy Bubble

Last week, the Prep and Year 6 students worked in their ‘Buddy Bubbles’ to collaborate on something quite spectacular…

Over the course of the term, the Year 6 buddies have stepped up as leaders in the school to take our newest learners under their wings. Through a number of collaborative sessions, authentic friendships have been formed between buddies. We, as a community should be proud of how the Year 6 students have taken on the role of problem solvers during play times; a friendly face in times of doubt and a fun friend to play, dance and laugh with.

The latest session in particular really captured this with the lesson brief being ‘create a symbol that represents your buddy bubble’. With little to no fixed ideas from teachers, the students were left to lead, collaborate and create what this might look like for them and their friendships. Using natural materials within our sensory garden, the students set off on their mission.

‘It looks like Boneo because that’s where we are’ said one student.

‘We have to include Maeve even though she isn’t here’ said another.

Viewing children as active participants and decision makers opens up possibilities for educators to move beyond pre-conceived expectations about what children can do and learn. This requires educators to respect and work with each child’s unique qualities and abilities. – VEYLF

We look forward to seeing the learning that will continue to unfold in these buddy sessions. Take a moment to admire the work that the Prep and Grade 6 students created:

Sharing Learning at Assembly-  ‘Year 5 Persuasive Writing’

Year 5 Beach Day


Boneo Community Market

Saturday 19th March

Car Parking Volunteers Required

Year 4 Rostered for BBQ Duty

Please contact the Office if you can help


Icy Pole Day

Monday 21st March

$1 each

This will be held every Monday during Term 1


Year 6 - Wilsons Prom Camp

Tuesday 22nd – Friday 25th March

Consent/Payment due on Compass by 28/02/22

School Council AGM

Tuesday 22nd March

6.30pm Staffroom

Working Bee

Friday 25th March

Further details to follow

Prep Enchanted Adventure Garden

Tuesday 29th March

Consent/Payment due on Compass by 25/03/22

Year 5 & 6 Summer Lightning Prems

Thursday 31st March

Consent/Payment due on Compass by 25/03/22

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