Boneo Buzz: 8th October

Dear Parents and Carers,

As a school and as a community, we have risen to the challenge ongoing lockdown has presented and continued to ensure that our students are learning and that their wellbeing is front and centre.

First of all, on behalf of myself and all school staff, I would like to offer my sincere thanks, once again, for the support and patience you have shown as we have navigated the challenging circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and continued lockdowns.

We are all constantly working through so much information and ultimately following directions. As per Government advice, we are following a staged return to on-site schooling over the coming weeks. Throughout this staged return, we will continue our Remote and Flexible Learning Timetable alongside onsite learning for all year levels.

We do ask that those students who are not required on-site remain at home. For students of essential workers and those who are unable to provide alternative care for their child/ren, we will continue on-site supervision of Remote and Flexible Learning. We thank our parents who need to send their children to school for continuing to provide at least 2 days’ notice so that we can schedule appropriate staffing.

With the growing outbreak of COVID on the Peninsula, I ask that if any student is ill or showing even minor symptoms, please ensure that they stay at home and get tested. If students arrive at school exhibiting illness they will be sent home immediately. Please give me a call if any member of your family tests positive. It will be treated confidentially but will allow me to make any necessary changes to staffing to remain operational. As you know, responses to COVID-19 can change and we will be guided by government mandates. Rest assured, we will continue to keep you informed of any changes or new information that emerges. Remember that your child’s physical health, mental health and wellbeing is more important than anything else at this time.

Boneo Primary School Review

As I mentioned last term, our school is preparing for our 4 yearly School Review. Our official Review dates are Week 4, Monday 25th October, Tuesday 26th October, Wednesday 27th October and Friday 29th October. The Review Panel are unable to visit the school to verify our documentation, observe the teaching and learning in action but will conduct the Review virtually.

Staff have worked in their Review teams to unpack data over the past four years and completed a very comprehensive pre-evaluation.

We have shared information about our Pre-review self-evaluation with School Council and will share an overview in next week’s Buzz.  We have so much to celebrate and we look forward to developing our next 4 year Strategic Plan. Each school review has a focus on the instructional core and understanding how the school’s culture reinforces student engagement with learning. This is particularly obvious in the review’s concentration on data and evidence collected through the pre-review self-evaluation (PRSE) and the review’s fieldwork.

Data alone does not diagnose causes or guide strategies for improvement. The Panel brings its contextual knowledge and experience to the data. This assists in fully using and interpreting the data so that it reflects understandings of current practice. The review fieldwork activities turn the data into insights. We can therefore make informed and practical choices about what to do next to accelerate improvement in student outcomes.

Your feedback is vital and I invite parents to volunteer to meet with the Review panel on Tuesday 26th October at 2:30 via Webex. Please let me know if you are interested in sharing your thoughts and ideas.

DET have appointed Mr Robert(Bob) Stephens as our Reviewer. Bob Stephens’ service to education in Victoria spans 49 years. He has held a range of positions, including as a classroom teacher, school principal, Assistant Regional Director, Deputy Regional Director, including some time as Acting Regional Director in the Department of Education. Other members who will join Bob on the panel are:

Mrs Leonie King, our Senior Education Leader Improvement Leader

Challenge Partners – Ms Lisa Holt Principal Rosebud Secondary College and Ms Melissa Wisniewski Principal Bentons Junior College

Kym Curtis Boneo School Council President

Anita Presti and Tom Pollett Boneo Learning Specialists

Marija Panza Assistant Principal

Mandy Whitworth Principal

We look forward to welcoming the panel to our school in Week 4.

Snapshot of Learning

The Secret Door by Ellie Year 3


Melbourne Cup Day -Public Holiday

Tuesday 2nd November


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