Boneo Buzz: 7th February

 Dear Parents and Guardians,

 We are very excited to be launching our new Inquiry Curriculum at the:

Parent Curriculum Information Evening

Wednesday 12 February

Refreshments on arrival

4:30 to 5:30pm

5:30 to 6:30pm /Repeat session

All children will have a special movie night with popcorn and ice-cream provided. Prep to Year 2 students in the multipurpose room and Years 3 to 6 in the Spark Centre.

Every day counts and there is no ‘safe’ threshold for absences

There are many factors that influence student achievement, including teacher quality and student engagement. Attendance is also an important contributor to a student’s academic achievement – all school days matter.

Why must I send my child to school?

It is the responsibility of parents or caregivers to make sure that their children attend school every day.

Must I send my child to school everyday?

YES unless……

  • Your child is too sick to go to school 
  • Your child has been injured
  • Your child has to go to a special religious ceremony
  • Your child has an infectious illness (eg. Chicken pox, mumps or measles)

Why is it important for my child to arrive to school on time?

School starts promptly at 8.45 am. An integral part of our wellbeing program is ‘Ready to Learn’. At 8.45 all children participate for 15 minutes in collaborative experiences designed to enhance their sense of belonging. It is very unsettling for students to walk-in during this time and this can derail their day.

Must my child attend school sport?

YES! Sport and other exercise help the healthy physical development of children. Sport is part of normal school curriculum which students need to attend.

Why is regular attendance at school important?

Attending school everyday makes learning easier for your child and helps build and maintain friendships with other children. If students miss the basic skills in the early years of school, they may have problems early on. Regular attendance at school will help your child succeed in later life.

  • Please do not keep your child away from school for birthdays.
  • Always try to make dentist or medical appointments before or after school.

What should I do if my child has to stay away from school?

It is important to let the school know when your child will be away and why your child was absent. Please do this via Compass.

Planning a holiday in school time?

Please complete a ‘Request for Leave of Absence’, available at the office and submit to school for the Principals approval prior to travelling. Teachers will provide learning that we ask all parents to support students to complete and return to school.

My child won’t go to school. What should I do?

You should contact the teacher as soon as possible to discuss the problem and ask for help. School is a place, where parents and caregivers, staff and children learn and grow together. Children need an education to reach their potential. Attendance every day is important for children’s progress at school. Research has proven that children who attend school regularly are usually more successful than those who are absent frequently.

Family involvement, in the form of support with homework and academic progress, active monitoring of attendance and participation in the school community, can increase a student’s engagement and achievement at school. Correspondingly, a lack of such parental involvement can have negative effects on student attendance. Let’s work together to ensure our children have the building blocks to succeed in life.

New Staff Member

I am excited to introduce our new ES staff member Ms Megan Lowerson. Megan has prepared a short introduction.

Hi my name is Megan, and here is a little bit about myself. I’ve lived in Rye just about my whole life, and a year and a half ago, bought my first house in Rosebud South with my partner, two kids and our puppy Chase. I love to go for walks with my family in my spare time, especially to McLarens Dam off Waterfall Gully Rd where we feed the ducks and fish. I attended Boneo in my primary years and am so excited to start my career here! I look forward to meeting everyone!

Family Food and Fun Night

The Family Food and Fun Night is a major Boneo community event. Our 2020 event will be held on Friday 20th March.

The continued success of our Family, Food and Fun Night, is largely due to the ongoing support of our wonderful volunteers. It is a great community effort and we look forward to welcoming some new faces to assist with the coordination of this year’s event.

We welcome anyone interested in assisting to join us on Friday 14th February at 2.30pm for a FFFN Planning meeting. This will be held in the Staffroom.

Snapshot of Learning this Week

Reader’s Workshop

This week all classes have commenced their daily Reader’s Workshop. At the beginning of each year, teachers work with students to establish good habits and stamina when engaging in reading. They learn how to choose books that are a ‘good fit’ for them. This means that the text provides just the right level of challenge, stimulating students to think deeply. Fostering a love of books and reading is really important to us as educators as we know this supports children in all areas of achievement. 


Boneo Swim Carnival Year 3-6

Tuesday 11th February

Consent & Payment due on Compass

by Friday 7th February

Kinect 2 Dance Sessions

Commence Monday 10th February      Prep to Year 4 students 

Consent & Payment due on Compass by Sunday 9th February

Parent Information Sessions

Wednesday 12th February

Session 1 – 4.30pm to 5.30pm

Session 2 – 5.30pm to 6.30pm

Boneo Market

Saturday 15th February

School Photo Day

Monday 24th February

Order Forms will be sent home shortly

Parent Teacher Interviews

Tuesday 24th March

Year 5 Space & Science Excursion

Monday 17th February

Consent & Payment due on Compass By Wednesday 12th