Boneo Buzz: 6th December

Dear Parents and Guardians,

 We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our parent helpers and community volunteers in 2019!  To show our appreciation for all the support you have provided, you are invited to a special breakfast.

Thursday 12th December at 8am. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Thank you for coming to celebrate the end of a great year at our annual concert. Resoundingly, having ‘Tones’ join the festivities was a huge hit on the night. Best ever, I’m told. I must admit, I am still recovering from being seen in public in Mr Coop’s infamous shorts.

Boneo Choir Performance Day with Ms Sison

On Wednesday, the Boneo Choir presented 3 Christmas concerts at local aged care facilities.

They performed two shows for residents of the Village Glen, and a third for residents of Rosebrook.

The students were very well received and provided some great entertainment for the residents. Ruby Johansson had made some small gifts for residents at both venues, and spent some time handing those out after the concert.

It was a long day and I thoroughly commend all Choir members for their dedication, thoughtfulness and professionalism. I was extremely proud of them and had wonderful feedback and gratitude from the organisers.

Thanks to Ms Sison’s husband, Nic for driving the bus!

Parent Payments 2020

All families will have received a copy of the 2020 Parent Payment Charges.

There are 2 payment options available;

Option A – Full amount due by 13th December

Option B – 1/2 payment by 13th December and remaining balance before the end of Term 1

Payment methods were included with the paperwork. We appreciate your cooperation with this process to ensure all students have access to learning materials at the beginning of the new school year.


Snapshot of Learning this Week

STEM Learning – Year 1


As part of STEM learning, students in Year 1 have been very busy designing, building, testing, modifying and demonstrating the functions of their Robe Goldberg machines (a machine that makes a complex series of actions to perform a simple task). To further explore and connect their learning about Robe Goldberg machines, Year 1B used found natural materials (such as bark, sticks, gumnuts, dried grass, fallen leaves and small stones) to generate reactions and chain reactions. Concepts included rolling, balancing, pushing, pulling, tipping, knocking and students used the found items to perform these functions.  

This exploration and nature play linked to First Nations principles of using natural objects as tools, medicine and food with an underlying value of respect, sustainability and appreciation of the natural world. Students were fascinated by the ‘bush soap’ (suds made from rubbing and crushing Blackwood leaves with water), the Sheaoak ‘paint brush’ and the native grass weaving that Mrs Sykes showed them as souvenirs from recent Professional Development with Murrindindi at the Healesville Sanctuary.

Murrindindi Ngurungaeta (Wurundjeri Head Elder of the Koolin tribes and spiritual custodian of the land around the Melbourne region) explained to Mrs Sykes that ‘the bush is our Bunnings, our pharmacy and our IGA…we only take what we need and leave plenty for the next harvest…if there is only two eggs in the nest leave them, if there is three take one…always think to the future’.  

Prep – Boneo Discovery Park

At the Boneo Maze I paddle boarded up the lake with Elias’ mum. It was fun. (Charlotte)

On Friday, all the Preps went to the Boneo Maze. I went on the climbing wall. I got stuck, but I got really high. (Easton)

 I liked the Boneo Maze because I liked the sand sculptures. ( Eszter)

,Prep – Moonlit Sanctuary

 On Wednesday, we went to the Moonlit Sanctuary and I saw the dingoes and the Tasmanian devils. (Georgia)

 At the Moonlit Sanctuary, I saw a kangaroo and the kangaroo had a baby in its tummy and I saw a koala. (Katiia)

 At the Moonlit Sanctuary I collected feathers and I saw the opening of the eagle enclosure. (James)

 I fed the kangaroo at the Moonlit Sanctuary. (Xavier)

Year 6 Wilsons Promontory Camp

 Recently, the Year 6 students took part in what would be their final Boneo Primary School camp experience to the beautiful Wilsons Promontory.

There, students took in the sights and sounds of the National Park, as they embarked on several walks, including hikes to the summit of Mount Oberon, Little Oberon Bay, and a trip to Squeaky Beach. The students enjoyed time at Tidal River, where they played beach games and water activities, and frequented the General Store.

We would like to thank Noel Hutchinson, Evan Stampe, Gary Goodwin, Kris Rowe, Chris Trigg, Kylie Hacking and Emma Neubecker for their hard work and amazing support while on camp. The students had a fantastic time and left with some lasting memories. 


Year 1 Full Steam Ahead Incursion

Monday 9th December

Consent & Payment due on Compass by 2/12/19

Australian Dental Health Victoria - Dental Van Visit

Monday 9th December – Friday 13th December

For all students who had permission forms returned

Celebration Breakfast

Thursday 12th December

From 8am in the Hall

All orders must be returned to school by Thursday 5th December

Year 3 Beach Day

Friday 13th December

Consent & Payment due on Compass

by 6/12/19

Gen U Special Lunch

Friday 13th December

All orders must be returned to school by Friday 6th December.

No late orders will be accepted.

Working Bee

Friday 13th December

Volunteers required to help us prepare for the construction of our new outdoor kitchen learning space.

Please contact the office if you are able to assist.

2020 Parent Payments

Full or 1/2 Payment options due for 2020 Booklist and Essential Education Items

Friday 13th December

Year 6 Graduation

Monday 16th December

Please see information sent home.

Meal orders/payment due by

Monday 2nd December

Step Up Day - 2020 Class Session

Tuesday 17th December

Semester 2 Student Reports-Posted on Compass

Thursday 19th December

Final School Assembly

Friday 20th December

12.30pm – 1pm in the Hall

Last Day of School

Friday 20th December

Early dismissal at 1:15pm

Students Commence School for 2020

Thursday 30th January

As a thank you for visiting, we’d love to invite the families from your school community back to our museums—Scienceworks, Melbourne Museum and Immigration Museum—for the exciting summer season ahead!

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