Boneo Buzz: 4th June

Snapshot of Learning

Year 2 – Persuasive Writing

As part of the Year 2 persuasive writing unit, students explored the impact plastic is having on our environment, with a particular focus on our oceans.

Students researched the history of plastic, the process of plastic production and breakdown, and its environmental impact. To deepen their understanding, students focused their research on the impact it is having on our oceans and what will happen in our near future if we don’t make changes.

They were shocked to find that by 2050, if things don’t change, there will be more plastic in our oceans than marine life. During remote learning, students created a persuasive poster to convince people to use less plastic, sharing their message with family and their class.


Year 5 - Sovereign Hill Big Day Out

 Wednesday 2nd June

Event cancelled due to lockdown restrictions – event to be rescheduled

Southern Peninsula Music Camp

 Wednesday 16th – Friday 18th June

Selected students – Please see Compass event for details


6B Quantum Victoria

 Wednesday 16th June

Consent required on Compass by 11/06/21


Joy of Learning - Math Open Morning

 Thursday 17th June

Further details to follow via Compass


Boneo Market

Saturday 19th June

Year 2 have been allocated for Car Park duty. Please contact the office if you are able to assist. 


6A Quantum Victoria

Monday 21st June

Consent required on Compass by 18/06/21


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