Boneo Buzz: 3rd November

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we prepare for 2024 and head into our Curriculum Day on Monday, I am excited to share with you some changes that we will be implementing in 2024 to further support our students in achieving their personal best.

We are dedicated to providing the best possible learning environment for all our students, and this includes recognising the unique needs of each child and ensuring that they receive the individualised support required for their academic success.

To this end, we are pleased to announce that we will be introducing additional support in all classes in 2024. Each year level will have an Educational Assistant assigned to it, dedicated to providing extra guidance and support to students. This additional adult presence in the classroom will allow us to better address the diverse learning needs of our students, ensuring that all children progress.

Furthermore, I am delighted to announce that two highly qualified educators will be taking on the roles of Tutor Learning Teachers:

  • Nicky Schwabegger will be our Tutor Learning Teacher for Years Prep to Year 2. Nicky brings a wealth of experience and a passion for early childhood education. She will work closely with teachers and our youngest learners to build a strong academic foundation.
  • Fiona Campanella will be our Tutor Learning Teacher for Years 3 to 6. Fiona is dedicated to nurturing the growth and development of upper primary students, ensuring that they continue to excel.

Our primary goal with these changes is to accelerate the academic progress of every student at Boneo Primary School. We believe that the personalised support provided by our Educational Assistants and Tutor Learning Teachers will enable all students to thrive, reach their full potential, and achieve their personal best.

Below you will find the outline of teacher and placement for 2024. 

Year Level



Olivia Raven


Susan McGregor

Year 1

Beth Wharton 4 days/Yikhol Blakley 1 day

Year 1

Rowena Sykes

Year 1

Julia Barnett

Year 2

Grace Dobson

Year 2

Chloe Dawson

Year 2

Grace Adlam

Year 3

Liz Demaj

Year 3

Lauren Smolcic

Year 4

Jennifer Scott 4 days/Fiona Campanella 1 day

Year 4

New Teacher

Year 5

Taylah Richardson

Year 5

Megan Young

Year 5

Pat Sumner

Year 6

Elizabeth Dewar 4 days/ Katie Gunn 1 day

Year 6

Kathy McLaren




Pat Dalton


David Greening


Elizabeth Sison


Antonia Scandizzo

Introducing Chloe Dawson

After leaving school, I started training to be a nurse but quickly realised that I wanted to be a teacher. I enjoyed travelling overseas for a while and now I live locally and when I’m not working, I love spending time with friends, going to the gym, beach and travelling. 

I have always enjoyed engaging with children and encouraging them to learn and grow. Over the last 2 years I have worked with children in an early childhood setting and have passionately supported them to develop in a positive and safe learning environment. I am honoured to be joining the team at Boneo Primary School in 2024 and expanding my knowledge and skills in a primary school setting.

I look forward to building strong relationships with my students and getting to know each of them as individuals. By listening to and understanding them I will work to best support my students in gaining the most out of their schooling experience and make school a positive and inclusive place to be.

Introducing Taylah Richardson

I feel very privileged to be joining such a wonderful community as the Boneo Primary School teaching team in 2024. My teaching philosophy centres around the recognition that every student is unique, with their own strengths and weaknesses. I strive to create a classroom that celebrates diversity and encourages collaboration, ensuring that each student feels valued and respected. 

I completed my Bachelors of Primary and Secondary Physical Education (Honours) at Monash University, and since then have taught all over the world. I moved to Madrid, Spain back in 2021 to teach English, had the best time and made many wonderful friends. After meeting my partner in Madrid, we moved to England and I continued my teaching journey. I am now back home and feel that these experiences have equipped me with a range of skills to assist students of varying needs and to pass on knowledge from all the experiences I have had. 

Alongside teaching, I am also passionate about keeping active and being outdoors. I am always eager for a challenge and love finding a new hobby to try! I am really looking forward to continuing my teaching career at Boneo Primary School and am excited to meet you all. 

Oaks Day

Less than a week to go! We look forward to hosting 117 guests at the National on Thursday and our fingers are crossed for a successful day.

The office is overflowing with donated items as we head into the final countdown to our Oaks Day fundraiser. Our Boneo and extended community is absolutely amazing.

We have a wide variety of auction items on offer and some very special ‘live auction’ items for Adam Alexander to present.

Our guests will be treated to make up touch ups by the very talented Vanessa Harlem and ‘Milliner Girl’ Annette Sanfilippo will be on hand to share her styling expertise and to host our Fashions on the Field.

‘Bookies’ Tom Pollett, Owen Goodwin and ‘Oaks Day’ Warren Gray are returning to run our Race Day Sweeps and we will of course be holding raffles on the day.

Cash and EFTPOS facilities are available on the day. 

To those attending on the day, we hope you are as excited as we are to connect and celebrate our very special community. 

For those who wish to continue the festivities, we will be heading to McDaids in Rosebud. Limited Boneo Bus seats available.

School Fun Run

Only 2 Weeks to go now until our 2023 Colour Fun Run! The students are getting very excited as the day gets closer. 

Currently we have raised $7,200 and we hope you’ll keep supporting us! Remember, the money raised will be going towards the remaining balance of our Ninja Course. 

PS: Have a look at how much fun the kids are going to have on the day: 

There will also be a colouring competition for our students from Prep – 6 with prizes given out for the most colourful one from reach year level. Students can take one home this Friday (3rd November) and must return them by 3:15pm on Thursday 9th November for their entry to be considered. 

We have been advised by our uniform supplier, Advanced Promotional Clothing, that due to the ongoing cost increases in all areas of production, they will be regretfully increasing the prices of our uniform items.

Price list effective November 1st (inclusive of GST);

Tee Shirt                              $24.00

Short Sleeve Polo               $28.00

Long Sleeve Polo                $31.00

Hoods (no zip)                     $46.00

Zip Hoods                            $48.00

Sun Hats                              $17.00

Beanies                                $18.00

School Bags                         $61.00

Shorts                                   $25.00




Snapshot of Learning

Year 3 Briars Camp

Briars Camp Reflections

Over two days Year 3 experienced many adventure activities that utilised their team work, communication and social skills, pushed their endurance, developed their confidence and challenged their nerve…and that was just the interactions with the camp cook, a character straight from the likes of Roald Dahl or David Walliams! All jokes aside, Briars Camp was a fabulous, fun filled experience…and the food was really quite tasty!

Low ropes. Giant Swing. Hut Building. Bush Walking. Canoeing & Raft Building. These were the main events. The children also enjoyed down time together, playing Ga-Ga Ball, ‘Minute-to-Win-it’ relay games, the choccy game- a game of chance, skill and luck – and ‘sleeping’ in their cabins!

Here are some extracts from reflections about favourite camp experiences; 

Giant Swing

“I take a deep breath. I am a mixture of nervous and excited as I get buckled into my funky backpack. My team-mates tug hard on the rope as I get raised higher and higher into the air, until I realise I am practically soaring through the clouds.

I shout out: ‘Stop!’

‘Count down or surprise?’ asked the group leader. I started to get butterflies as I looked down and yelled: ‘Surprise!’ I dropped immediately. As I swing high through the air, I can hear faint laughing from my friends. Whoosh! My heart starts racing…As I slow down, I think to myself; ‘This was a phenomenal experience that I would happily repeat!”

Katie-Anne 3B  

“Putting on the safety glasses, clicking on the helmet, climbing up the ladder. Clicking on to the harness. I say, ‘Go to the top!’ to my friends, I say to my camp leader Dylan, ‘Surprise?!’…so he did it straight away. I drop!!! Whooosh! Down I go, letting out a big scream ‘Ahhhhh!’ Having so much fun, at the same time it feels so good to get my feet on the ground.”

Dylan 3B

“I had my helmet on tight, my goggles as well, my backpack too…well not really a backpack! …Higher and higher until I reached the top. My teammates counted down, ‘3…2…1!’ Whoosh!!! I fly up and down like superman with the wind blowing in my face. That was by far my favourite activity!”

Jim 3B   

Hut Building

“Splinters on my hands. My hands are red. I grab the plank and stack it on top of the others, the bottom plank falls on my foot. ‘Ow!’ I screech, hopping back up to grab a stick to support it…All the other groups are done…they are just waiting on us. ‘Eeeek!’”

Millie 3B

Raft Building

“Planks, barrels, rope, water, building. Teamwork! It all comes to this as all that is left floating in the water…the water rises about to reach the last standing part of the raft! In a matter of time only one person is left. Still haven’t reached land! Rain drops hitting you…You fall out and hit land!”

Fletcher 3B 

Ga-Ga Ball

“What activity am I? 

I hopped in the arena and there was sand on the floor, I didn’t care if I won or lost. Everyone would chant 3 words. The circle could fit 2 grades in the arena. I had to hit the ball with my hands. when the ball touched my legs, I was out. You can only hit the ball once. When the ball hit the arena wall it resets so you could hit again.” 

 By Archer 3A

Answer: Gaga ball


“Wiggle, wiggle. Splash, splash! As I paddle the way through the water. My stomach is full of pigs and butterflies. When I paddle it feels like I am going to fall on top of my friends! …I think there were leeches in the water and the paddle fell in!!!”

Alyssa 3B

The image of the writing is by Dylan 3A

Year 3 Gardening Program

The school kitchen garden in certainly flourishing. During the gardening workshop with Luana, Year 3 weeded, dead headed, located and tagged seeds forming to be gathered when ready, mulched, cleared, harvested, planted and watered new season produce. The newly installed, self-composting ‘Worm Towers’ are chugging along nicely, with several healthy Red Wrigglers in residence converting scraps to fertiliser, which in turn encourages growth of the surrounding plants. Many immature stone fruits have also been noted…a bumper summer harvest is on the cards by the looks of things!

Heave! The excitement was palpable when the children unearthed numerous enormous heirloom beetroots. One of which was almost as big as their heads! These beautiful beets will be utilised in a deliciously decadent and moist chocolate beetroot brownie recipe during the next cooking lesson.

If you would like to support the cooking, and sample the scrummy brownies, 3A will bake on Wednesday 8th of November from 11:15-1 pm. Due to the public holiday on Tuesday, 3B will bake brownies on Friday 10th of November, 11:15-1pm.

If you would like to volunteer in the Kitchen or are a keen gardener with time to spare, have provided your Working With Children volunteer details to the office, please contact Rowena (Kitchen) or Luana (Garden) to arrange a suitable time. Retired grandparents are welcome to volunteer- what a great way to have a positive impact on your grandchild’s learning!!!


Curriculum Day

Monday 6th November

Students are not required to attend school.

Melbourne Cup Day

Tuesday 7th November

Public holiday

Rugby Gala Day

Wednesday 8th November

Consent/Payment due on Compass by Tuesday 7th November

Oaks Day Fundraiser

Thursday 9th November

See flyer in this edition of the Buzz

Year 1 Wildlife Reptile Incursion

Friday 17th November

School Fun Run

Friday 17th November

HPV Energy Breakthrough Event

Tuesday 21st November – Friday 24th November

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Friday 15th September

Boneo Market

Saturday 18th November

Years 4,5 & 6 are rostered for BBQ duty. Volunteers required for Car Parking duty.

Please contact the office if you are able to assist.

Kinect2Dance Year 5&6

Tuesday 21st November – Monday 18th December

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Monday 20th November

Year 6 Quantum Victoria

Wednesday 22nd November

Consent required on Compass by Monday 20th November

Professional Practice Day- Student Free Day

Monday 27th November

Year 5 - Melbourne Zoo

Wednesday 29th November 

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Monday 20th November

School Dental Van

Week Commencing Monday 4th December

Please return consent forms to school by Friday 8th September

End of Year Celebration Picnic

Tuesday 12th December

Please see flyer in this edition of the Buzz

2024 Step-up Day

Friday 15th December

Boneo Market

Saturday 16th December

Prep & Year 1 are rostered for BBQ duty. Volunteers required for Car Parking duty.

Please contact the office if you are able to assist

Year 6 Graduation Rehearsal

Monday 18th December

Consent required on Compass by Thursday 14th December

Year 6 Graduation

Monday 18th December

Save the Date

Last Day of Term

Wednesday 20th December

Early Dismissal at 1.15pm

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