Boneo Buzz: 3rd December

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am so excited to announce that our all-weather cover over one of our basketball courts will begin construction in January. This will allow our community to gather for events and ensure our students have a venue for Physical Education when the weather is poor. It is so exciting to finally have a confirmed construction date. Additionally, we were successful with a shade sail grant submission and will construct a new $25, 000 shade structure beside the Year 3 portables.

With only a few weeks before we conclude the 2021 school year, the annual ritual of putting together next year’s class lists is well underway. All staff are actively involved in creating class lists. Teachers meet as a team to create classes based on their collective knowledge of the students’ needs. We work diligently to ensure there is a balance of academic and social-emotional needs across all classes.

On Monday 13th December, all students will participate in ‘Step Up Day’ – an opportunity for students to connect with their 2022 peers and teachers.

I can confirm the following teacher placement for 2022

Classroom Teachers


Chloe Umbers

Olivia Raven

Susie Mcgregor

Year 1

Nicky Schwabegger

Beth Wharton

Year 2

Julia Barnett

Sarah Dalgleish

Year 3

Anita Presti

Jen Scott

Rowena Sykes

Year 4

Patrick Sumner

Stacey Brown

Year 5

Megan Young

Thomas Pollett

Year 6

Michaela Downward

Liz Dewar

Specialist Teachers


Pat Dalton 


David Greening


Libby Sison  

Learning Enhancement/


Fiona Campanella


Adopt an Engineer (Monash University)

Hugo Markovski

Ryan Miller has accepted a one-year transfer to experience secondary teaching at Dromana Secondary College in 2022. Ryan will be teaching Mathematics in Years 7 and 8. I know you will join with me in wishing Ryan all the best for the coming year. I personally want to acknowledge Ryan’s passion for engaging our students and for his continued contribution to the Boneo community. We will miss you next year!


Snapshot of Learning

Monash Motorsport Excursion

On Thursday, a group of Year 5 and 6 students from the HPV Team went to the Monash University Clayton Campus ‘Maker Space’ to see what they do.

We saw rockets that could go to 30,000 feet, planes that could fly in the air for over 2 hours and the mini race cars that competed in the Formula 1 student race. We played a mini-game in teams to see who could change a tyre the fastest. After, we went to see the older race cars and the older workshop.

In the ‘Nover Rover’ space, they are building a rover that could go on Mars.

We walked past a room and saw the Monash Human Power (MHP) Team that were making a human powered vehicle that might break the Australian land speed record of 95km/h. After this it was the end of the day and the tour, so we said goodbye to Luke and the MMS team members and hopped on the bus. 

Thank you Luke from Real-Time Learning for making this day possible 

Bayden and Finn 

Year 3 – Somers Camp Excursion


Year 4 The Ranch

Monday 6th December

Consent/payment due on Compass by 22/11


Christmas Concert

Thursday 9th December

Via Zoom


Curriculum Day

Friday 10th December

Student Free Day


2022 Step-up Day

Monday 13th December


Year 6 Graduation

Tuesday 14th December

See event details communicated via Compass

Prep -Boneo Discovery Park

Wednesday 15th December

Consent/payment due on Compass by 10/12


Year 1 -Boneo Discovery Park

Thursday 16th December

Consent/payment due on Compass by 10/12


Last Day of School

Friday 17th December

Early Dismissal 1.15pm


Boneo Market

Saturday 18th December

Volunteers required for Car Parking.

Please contact the office if you are able to assist


Boneo Market

Saturday 18th December

Volunteers required for Car Parking.

Please contact the office if you are able to assist


School Returns for 2022

Monday 31st January

All Year Levels


Community News