Boneo Buzz: 30th July

Dear Parents and Carers,

It is so exciting to have everyone back from Remote and Flexible learning. We have had a sensational couple of days, with the children excitedly catching up with friends and teachers, exploring our new garden, as well as joining in the incredible celebrations of the House Olympics today. Boneo was a sea of House colour – Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. What an extraordinary time it has been for our young people. I am truly amazed by their resilience when faced with uncertainty and extremes of emotion. They really have been living our school values.

Each year, we conduct opinion surveys amongst the school community. Last term, we conducted the Attitude to School survey with all students in Years 4 to 6. I am thrilled to share the outstanding results of the 2021 student survey. Over the last 3 years we have seen a steady improvement across all aspects of the survey but this year our results are exceptional as outlined below. As we enter a period of School Review this data is affirming that our key actions over the last few years are really having an impact.

Effective Teaching Practice for Cognitive Engagement

  • Effective Teaching – 91% positive responses
  • Differentiated Learning Challenge – 94% positive responses
  • Stimulating Learning – 92% positive responses
  • Effective Classroom Behaviour – 90% positive responses

Teacher Student Relationships

  • High Expectations for success – 96% positive responses
  • Effort – 90% positive responses
  • My teacher cares about how I am feeling / My teacher looks after me – 96% positive responses

Learner Characteristics and Dispositions

  • Sense of Confidence – 85% positive responses
  • Perseverance – 82% positive responses
  • Motivation and Interest – 91% positive responses
  • Self-regulation and Goal setting – 91% positive responses
  • Attitude to attendance – 89% positive responses

Social Engagement

  • School Connectedness – 87% positive responses
  • Student Voice and Agency – 85% positive responses
  • Sense of Inclusion – 95% positive responses

Student Safety

  • Advocate at school – 94% positive responses
  • Managing Bullying – 90% positive responses
  • Respect for Diversity / It is okay to be different at this school – 96% positive responses

Parent Opinion Survey

Today, all parents and carers will receive an email invitation to participate in the 2021 Parent Opinion Survey. Results will be used to inform and direct our future school planning and improvement.

I ask you to please take the time to complete the survey as your opinions are important to us and will contribute to the future management and organisation of our school.

  • The survey will be conducted online and should take 20 minutes to complete.
  • The survey can be completed on any internet enabled device (iPad, Desktop or Laptop, Smartphone) and is compatible with most browsers.
  • The survey will be open from Friday 30th July to Sunday 22nd August 2021.

Please be assured that your responses are completely confidential. The survey is conducted anonymously, and it is important to us that you complete the survey as honestly as possible.

Snapshot of Learning

Boneo House Olympics Day

Remote Learning – Art

Boneo Project – On-site Program


Parent Opinion Survey

Friday 30th July to Sunday 22nd August

Please see Compass post to access the survey

Curriculum Day

Friday 6th August

Student Free Day

Prep & Year 1 - Swimming Program

Monday 9th – Friday 13th August

Consent/payment due on Compass by 06/08

School Review Parent Information Session

Tuesday 17th August

2.15pm in the Staffroom 

Year 3 - Somers Camp

Wednesday 18th – Friday 20th August

Consent/payment due on Compass by 30/07

Boneo Market

Saturday 21st August

Prep & Year 1 have been allocated to car parking duty. Please contact the office if you are available to assist.

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