Boneo Buzz: 29th November

Dear Parents and Guardians,

With only a few weeks before we conclude the 2019 school year, the annual ritual of putting together next year’s class lists has begun. All staff are actively involved in creating class lists. Teachers meet as a team to create lists based on their collective knowledge of the students’ needs. We work diligently to ensure there is a balance of academic and social-emotional needs across all classes. On Tuesday 17th December the students will participate in ‘Step Up Day’ – an opportunity for students to connect with their 2020 peers and teachers.

Structure for 2020

Miss Danika Pittard will return to Tootgarook Primary School in her ongoing position and I am excited to introduce Ms Olivia Raven who will join our team. Olivia has written the following introduction.

I am very excited to be joining the Boneo Primary School teaching team in 2020. I have a huge passion for teaching and learning and I especially love to help students find their own passion in life and reach their individual goals.
This year, I completed my Bachelor of Education at Monash University and enjoyed my placement at Boneo Primary. I was welcomed into the community with immense warmth and kindness. I just knew from the very beginning that I would love to work at Boneo in the future and I feel so privileged to have received this opportunity.
I’m looking forward to inspiring my students next year through creative, authentic and meaningful learning activities, all of which will be tailored to meet the various individual learning needs and personalities the students bring to our class. I am also looking forward to forming strong positive relationships with students, staff and parents that make up the wonderful Boneo PS community.
My overall aim for the year is to allow every student to grow and improve in their schooling academically and socially, in a positive environment which they feel safe, supported and important.
I love spending my spare time with my family and friends, and especially enjoy exploring the Mornington Peninsula. I feel very blessed to call this amazing place home.
I look forward to meeting everyone next year.


Parent Payments 2020

All families will have received a copy of the 2020 Parent Payment Charges.

There are 2 payment options available;

Option A – Full amount due by 13th December

Option B – 1/2 payment by 13th December and remaining balance before the end of Term 1

Payment methods were included with the paperwork. We appreciate your cooperation with this process to ensure all students have access to learning materials at the beginning of the new school year.


Snapshot of Learning this Week

Year 5 Urban Camp

It was an early start on the Monday 11th November as the Grade 5’s gathered at the Frankston Train Station awaiting the 8:30am train. Armed with suitcases, backpacks and sleeping gear (except for Mr Jellie who forgot everything!), we were ready to take on the adventure of ‘Urban Camp’. Parents were excited as they said their goodbyes, five days without making lunchboxes and playing taxi to their children’s after school activities. The train came and swiftly took us away. If it was Puffing Billy, the students would have been hanging out of the train windows, watching as the coastline disappears in the distance as they headed towards the ‘big smoke’.

Day 1, was a day to remember.  We arrived at the Shrine of Remembrance and honoured those who had sacrificed their lives to enable a life of freedom for all. The students sat in respectful silence as they listened to war stories and a choir sing. Old Melbourne Gaol was our next stop, we learned about Ned Kelly, as it was the anniversary of his death. The day finished with water fun at the MSAC, as we belly flopped on the inflatables and provided a lot of entertainment for our teachers and parent helpers.

Day 2, the sun rose on our weary and exhausted heads, but we brushed off our tiredness from Day 1 with a trip to the Melbourne Aquarium. The tram rides and learning about Mr G, the famous Queensland Groper, made our mornings packed full with stories to laugh about. Next was Parliament House which was full of interesting facts as we spent the afternoon admiring the shiny gold on the walls and ceilings, which was worth $16.2 million. With our pockets empty, we left the chambers and finished our day enjoying pizza and a movie.

Day 3, was a day about sustainability as we took a tram to CERES. We used our beach life skills as we netted for different bugs and fish. After doing a Rex Hunt and throwing back our catches, we exchanged our nets for the baggy green and headed to the MCG. The ground was drenched in sunlight as we soaked up a state level cricket match, Queensland vs Victoria. Go the VICS! All hyped with ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi,’ the Grade 5’s took on the challenge of the ‘Edge’ at the Eureka Skydeck. The floor cracked, students screamed, but we all survived.

Day 4, it was time to spend some cash! Budgets came into play today, as we quickly learnt that a splash out on lollies the night before left us pretty light on for a trip to the Victorian Market. Some of us channelled our entrepreneurial skills, but no amount of carrying bags for our friends earned them enough to replenish their funds. So window shopping was a skill some of us had to learn. This was a skill that came in handy at our next adventure, the urban scrawl tour. We admired Melbourne’s laneways and the unofficial art galleries that captured the heart of pop culture.

Day 5, room tidy and a quick check of belongings as we said goodbye to our home away from home. Melbourne had one last gift to share, the Melbourne Zoo. Safe to say, we were lucky to make it out alive! The resident Lion turned alpha male on a few of our students, clawing at them through a metal mesh fence. The excitement and fright of the zoo was left behind with a cloud of smoke as we boarded the train and headed back to the safety of our coastline.

A week of adventures, wheelchairs, broken elbow, nose bleeds, lion fights and getting lost in the outskirts of Melbourne made for one eventful 2019, Urban Camp.

Sharnie, Ashlee, Gracie and Mads


Prep Moonlit Sanctuary Excursion

Wednesday 4th December

Consent & Payment due on Compass by 22/11/19

Choir Performance Tour

Wednesday 4th December

Consent due on Compass by 2/12/19

Boneo End of Year Concert

Thursday 5th December – 6pm

Eastbourne PS Hall

Year 1 Full Steam Ahead Incursion

Monday 9th December

Consent & Payment due on Compass by 2/12/19

Australian Dental Health Victoria - Dental Van Visit

Monday 9th December – Friday 13th December

For all students who had permission forms returned

Celebration Breakfast

Thursday 12th December

From 8am in the Hall

All orders must be returned to school by Thursday 5th December

Year 3 Beach Day

Friday 13th December

Consent & Payment due on Compass

by 6/12/19

Gen U Special Lunch

Friday 13th December

All orders must be returned to school by Friday 6th December.

No late orders will be accepted.

Working Bee

Friday 13th December

Volunteers required to help us prepare for the construction of our new outdoor kitchen learning space.

Please contact the office if you are able to assist.

2020 Parent Payments

Full or 1/2 Payment options due for 2020 Booklist and Essential Education Items

Friday 13th December

Year 6 Graduation

Monday 16th December

Please see information sent home.

Meal orders/payment due by

Monday 2nd December

Step Up Day - 2020 Class Session

Tuesday 17th December

Semester 2 Student Reports-Posted on Compass

Thursday 19th December

Final School Assembly

Friday 20th December

12.30pm – 1pm in the Hall

Last Day of School

Friday 20th December

Early dismissal at 1:15pm

Students Commence School for 2020

Thursday 30th January