Boneo Buzz: 28th February

Dear Parents and Guardians,

At our Information Evening, year level teachers shared plans for Home Learning. Home Learning is a fabulous opportunity for parents and children to work together to reinforce classroom learning, foster lifelong learning habits, and provide an opportunity for students to be responsible.

Parents, in partnership with teachers are asked to encourage their children to establish good home learning habits. It is a good idea to provide a quiet space for children to complete their home learning tasks, with no distractions such as TV or devices.

Importantly, reading is the highest priority activity. All students should be reading every night. This can be a combination of reading out loud (even for older students this assists with fluency), reading silently and being read to. To create an interesting reading environment, it’s great to have a good supply of reading materials — newspapers, magazines, books, and catalogues. It doesn’t matter if they are owned or borrowed, new or used. What’s important is that reading materials are a natural part of your home and everyday life.

Students are also allocated weekly spelling and mathematics revision. We ask all parents to sign their child’s diary each evening.

 School Council Election

We have completed the process for School Council Elections and I want to thank the following Councilors who have decided to stand down to allow other parents to join Council.

  • Adam Westwood – School Council President
  • Skye Miller
  • Rachel Johnson
  • Emily Becker

A huge thank you to School Council President, Adam Westwood, for his leadership and support of our community in so many ways. As a new Principal to the school, I appreciated Adam’s guidance to ensure that I was sensitive to the needs of our community.

The 2020/2021 Boneo Council members are:

Parent Representative

Staff Representative

Adam Alexander

Mandy Whitworth

Sarah Munn

Gary Cooper

Cathy Dika

Ryan Miller

Lynsey Richmond

Tom Pollett

Kathy Marsh


Kate Cronin


Kym Curtis


Tim Robertson


Jo Twentyman


Nicole Crean



On Tuesday 10 March at 6pm, we will hold the School Council AGM. Retiring members will be acknowledged and the new School Council will convene to elect office bearers.

Family Food & Fun Night

Our planning is well underway with our committee of volunteers coordinating their class stalls. It is wonderful to have the support of such a dedicated and hard working group to assist with pulling this huge fundraising event together.

It is now that we ask for the support of all families, by parents volunteering their time to man their child’s class stall.

Please be sure to add your name to the class rosters displayed in all classrooms. If it is easier you may contact the class teacher to add your name.

If we all contribute, it ensures all families have time to enjoy the festivities of the FFFN.

We are again holding a Silent Auction on the night and are currently seeking donations, big and small, from local businesses. If you have your own business and would like to donate, please contact the office.

We wish to acknowledge the generosity of the following businesses and groups for their support of our 2020 Family Food & Fun Night;

Snapshot of Learning this Week

Year 4 ‘Wetlands Adventure’

On Friday, my class went to the wetlands and we grouped up with four or less people; or you could be by yourself.  I worked with Evie.  All of the class made humpies (indigenous huts).  4A came too.  We could speak with Norm, the person who helps look after the wetlands.  We had 30 minutes to make huts and 30 minutes to listen to Norm.  Norm told us about curl leaf spiders and about how the indigenous people (Boon Wurrung) lived and what they ate to survive.  Some of them would eat berries.  Fred’s Dad and Ms Scott used leaves off gum trees to whistle.  They made funny noises!    Amaia  (4B)

At the wetlands we built shelters.  Sadly, Tim and I didn’t finish building our shelter.  We used sticks, bark and rocks. We used rocks to hold up some sticks, and then bark on top of the sticks.  We also saw a leaf curl spider.  It was a bit weird but really cool.  We also heard a Pobblebonk frog.  My favourite things were making the hut and learning that the scientific name for the Pobblebonk frog is Limnodynastes dumerilii.    Fred  (4B)


What I love about the Wetlands  

I loved making the indigenous humpies. I worked with Bobbie and Dylan. I made my humpy out of bark, Dylan made his humpy out of rocks and Bobbie made the campfire. The animals Norm McKinlay showed us were interesting animals. Before we go on, I need to tell you who Norm McKinlay is. Norm is the person who planted the wetlands. Back to what I was saying. He showed us a curl leafed spider and a Pobblebonk frog. I loved the curl leafed spider.    Bayden  (4B)


On Friday, my class went to the wetlands and made little humpies. I was in a group with Bayden and Bobbie. Bayden made a wood humpy and I made a stone humpy but Bobbie made a camp fire. After that we went over to learn about the wetlands with Norm McKinlay! He was talking about Pobblebonk frog and it’s really cool how they live underground.    Dylan  (4B)


Last week, all the Grade 4 went to the wetlands with Ms Scott and Ms Raven. Norm McKinlay met us there. 4B (Ms Scott’s class) went and built small huts while Ms Ravens class went with Norm while he talked about the Wetlands.

When 4B went with Norm it was awesome. My favorite thing he showed us was the curled leaf spider. Norm McKinlay made the Wetlands. A while back it used to be a cow farm then Norm planted some trees and that’s how the Wetlands was made.

Thank you I hoped you enjoyed learning about the Wetlands as much as all the Grade 4 did.   Zara  (4B)


Beach Program 6A & 6B

Thursday 5th March

School Council AGM

Tuesday 10th March

Labour Day Public Holiday

Monday 9th March

Year 6 Wilsons Prom Camp

Tuesday 10th – Friday 13th March

2021 Prep Information Sessions

Wednesday 11th March 9am-10am & 5pm-6pm

Please register your preference with the office.

Beach Program 5A & 5B

Thursday 12th March

Year 6 Aladdin Rehearsal

Sunday 15th March

Consent due on Compass by 12/3

Family Food & Fun Night

Friday 20th March

Parent Teacher Interviews

Tuesday 24th March