Boneo Buzz: 26th May

Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the members of our community who joined us for the incredible 150th celebration at our school. It was truly a memorable event that showcased the remarkable engagement of our students in the history of our school and Australia.

Our school grounds were transformed into a vibrant gathering space, with food vans offering an array of yummy food. The tantalising aromas wafting through the air added to the festive ambiance, creating an inviting environment for everyone to indulge and enjoy.

One of the highlights of the evening was the opportunity to reconnect and catch up with past principals, teachers, and familiar faces from different generations. It was heart warming to witness the genuine joy and nostalgic conversations that unfolded as people reminisced about their time at the school. The event truly bridged the gaps between different eras, fostering a sense of continuity and shared experiences across generations.

The evening was filled with captivating presentations, as each class took us on a journey through time by sharing an era that represented one of the 15 decades of the past 150 years. This creative approach allowed our students to delve deep into historical periods, conducting research, and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the social, cultural, and technological transformations that have shaped our world. It was indeed a clever way to make history come alive!

We were thrilled to have an opening and closing ceremony, which added a touch of grandeur and formality to the occasion. And let’s not forget the delicious cake that brought us all together in celebration which the children enjoyed the following day.

Furthermore, I would like to extend a special mention of appreciation to Mindflight7, who generously shared their Virtual Reality expertise with our Year 5s and 6s during the day. Their dedication extended into the twilight hours, as they stuck around to provide the community with the opportunity to experience Virtual Reality firsthand in our Hacker (STEM) space. The display of old VHS tapes was another nostalgic touch, reminding us of the innovation that has occurred over the course of our lives.

This night was not only about celebrating our school’s rich history but also about fostering a deep appreciation for innovation and progress. By immersing ourselves in the past and experiencing cutting-edge technology, we were reminded of the remarkable journey we have undertaken as a society.

I want to express my congratulations to the staff and students who worked tirelessly to organise and participate in this event. Their dedication and commitment to sharing their learning in such an authentic and engaging way is truly commendable. This celebration exemplified the true spirit of Boneo, and I am incredibly proud to be a part of it.

Once again, thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the success of our 150th celebration. It was a night to remember, and it wouldn’t have been possible without your presence and support.

In one of the oldest, retaining photographs of Boneo Primary School (image above), taken in 1928, the little girl second from the left is Mary Freer, beside her older sister, Dorothy.

Mary was just three years old, enrolled to make up the numbers needed to prevent the school from closing. Mary’s mother, Jessie Freer was a member of the Cain family, well known on the Mornington Peninsula. Mary married Bryan Pryke in 1943 and died, aged 87, in 2012.

As the school she ‘saved’ turns 150, her beautiful spirit lives on in her 11 children (one deceased), 19 grandchildren (one deceased) and 20 great grandchildren who have endowed a new annual prize to honour her memory. Tuesday evening we had two of Mary’s oldest children present Christine Casey with her husband Doc and Margaret Stewart with her husband Graeme.

The Mary Freer Award for a student who consistently epitomises the values of Boneo and displays kindness and care for others was awarded to Cohen Simnett. Cohen received a $100 voucher from Antipodes.

Ninja Playground

It is with much excitement that we announce the Ninja playground open to our students. All classes have had an opportunity to experience the course and build confidence as they navigated the challenges.

We wish to acknowledge the generosty of our school community. Over the last 12 months their support of our fundraising endeavours enabled us to raise the $92,000 to secure the playground for our community.

A special thank you to Jess, Katie and her friend Danielle for volunteering their time to spread mulch.

Snapshot of Learning

‘Mindflight 7’ Virtual Reality – Year 5 & 6

STEM – Prep

Excitement was in the air this week as the Preps had their very first lesson on the computers. We practiced using the mouse for a brand new pixel art experience. 


Year 2 Willum Warrain Excursion

Wednesday 7th June

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Monday 5th June

District Girls Football/Boys Netball

Wednesday 7th June

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Friday 2nd June

King's Birthday Public Holiday

Monday 12th June

Curriculum Day

Tuesday 13th June

Southern Peninsula Music Camp

Wednesday 14th – Friday 16th June

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Monday 15th May

1B & 1C Peninsula Gymnastics

Thursday 15th June

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Tuesday 13th  June

Boneo Community Market

Saturday 17th June

Year 2 are rostered for BBQ duty. Please contact the office if you are able to assist.

School Council Meeting

Tuesday 20th June

1A Peninsula Gymnastics

Friday 23rd June

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Monday 19th  June

Last Day of Term 2

Friday 23rd June

Early dismissal at 2.15pm

School Returns for Term 3

Monday 10th July

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