Boneo Buzz: 25th June

Dear Parents and Carers,

The Nobel Prize Laureate, Amartya Sen, says that ‘education makes us the human beings we are. It has major impacts on economic development, on social equity, gender equity. In all kinds of ways, our lives are transformed by education’.   

Education operates at so many levels, for people of all ages. We know it helps set us up for flourishing futures, by giving us important knowledge and skills that we can use to benefit ourselves, our families and our society. But sometimes we miss two other important benefits of education, for young children through to adulthood. Done well, it helps us to thrive as humans. It helps us to feel the great joy and wellbeing that comes from opening our minds to our own potential; to new ideas and new capabilities that we may not have imagined before. Most importantly, it gives us the gift of connection to others; to our teachers, our fellow learners, and our community. A huge thank you for your continued efforts and contribution to keep your child/ren engaged in their learning whether that be on site or at home, during the most recent period of COVID-19 restrictions. Clearly, supporting the wellbeing as well as the learning of all our students will continue to be the highest priorities through the second half of this year and into 2022. Our students have shared that initiatives like Wellbeing Friday afternoons organised by Year 6 students is a highlight of their week.

In signing off for the term, I wish all families and staff a safe and happy holiday.

Reporting to Parents and Carers

Thanks to all families who have taken the opportunity to book their Student Led Conference for early Term 3. These conferences will be held on Tuesday 20th July and Wednesday 28th July. Please take the opportunity to make a booking so that your child can share their learning with you.
You will need to complete a booking with each of your child/ren’s teachers. It is a great opportunity to share the learning of your child.

Yesterday, student reports went ‘live’ via our Compass Portal. Student reporting this semester will reflect adjustments that our school has made to our local curriculum programs in response to the needs and aspirations of our school context, and the continued disruption caused by coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Semester 1 Student Reports focus on what progress has been made and what has been achieved by each child since the last reporting period in December 2020 in Math and English. Please note, that in 2020 due to Covid many aspects of the curriculum were not reported on such as Digital Technologies and Science. These are now evident in the Semester 1 Report which will potentially show over 18 months growth. We have worked to ensure that the Semester 1 Student Report is easily understood and meaningful. In some cases, many students have flourished as they have developed an increased sense of responsibility for their own learning; this may have resulted in beyond expectation growth. In other cases, student progress may not have been as pronounced. During the three broad stages of primary schooling (Prep – Year 2; Years 3 and 4; and Years 5 and 6), our school focuses on particular curriculum areas in our planning and provision. Whenever a curriculum area is taught, student achievement is reported. Indonesian is taught but not assigned a result in this semester’s Report but will be included in the end of year report. We hope this semester’s Report will assist in further strengthening our home-school partnership, and encourage you to discuss and share this Student Report with your child.

Parent Communication Feedback

A strong focus at Boneo P.S is delivering timely, relevant and important communication to our school community. To ensure we are continually meeting the needs of our community, could you please take the time to complete this quick survey. Your responses will help us to improve the way we communicate and ultimately work together to make each child’s school experience the best it can be.  Parent Communication Survey:

Mornington Peninsula Shire: Library Services Survey

The Mornington Peninsula Shire need your valued input to get a balanced perspective on their future planning of library services for all members of the community. 

They are reviewing  library delivery services, and would like to get your thoughts about the ‘click and deliver’ and mobile library services to find out which suits your needs better. They are looking to hear from parents, guardians and children as well as any community member who would like to have their say.  

It is an interesting topic and they need your valued feedback to help make an informed decision regarding the future of the library services available.

How to Have your Say 

Visit: before the 11th July to have your say.

Hard copy surveys are available from all Mornington Peninsula Library branches or can be posted upon request, by phoning Shire Customer Service on 1300 850 600. 

Snapshot of Learning

From the Art Room

Winter Lightning Premierships


Year 3 & 4 - Swimming Program

Monday 11th July – Friday 15th July

Consent/Payment due on Compass by 9/07


School Returns for Term 3

Monday 11th July 


Boneo Market

Saturday 17th July

Year 1 have been allocated to Market Car Parking for this market. Please contact the office if you are able to assist.


Term 3 Curriculum Day

Friday 23rd July

Student Free Day


Community News