Boneo Buzz: 25th August

Dear Parents and Carers,

The effort and creativity that went into the incredible Book Week costumes was absolutely amazing. The joy on the children’s faces as they proudly displayed their costumes was priceless and it wouldn’t have been possible without your commitment to fostering a love for reading and imagination. Seeing our school community come together in such a meaningful way warmed our hearts and reinforced the importance of encouraging literacy and a passion for books.

We are also thrilled to share that your support during the Book Fair has yielded remarkable results. Through your generous purchases and contributions, we were able to raise over $1000 worth of book credits. This achievement is a testament to the collective efforts of our parents, students, and staff members. These book credits will be instrumental in enhancing our school’s library collection, ensuring that our students have access to an even wider range of engaging and educational reading materials.

This week, School Council discussed our revised curriculum which is delivered through our Program of Inquiry. We highlighted the importance of developing specific Learner Dispositions in our young people. As the world continues to rapidly evolve with technological advancements and changing cultures, it is essential for young people to develop futuristic skills.

Here are some of the most important futuristic skills that young people need and we are working hard to ensure these are covered across the curriculum with many highlighted in STEM:

Data Literacy: With data becoming a central part of many industries, the ability to understand, analyse, and interpret data is becoming increasingly important. Young people who have a good grasp of data literacy will be able to use data to drive decision-making, identify patterns & trends, and solve complex problems.

Critical Thinking: Critical thinking is the ability to analyse and evaluate information objectively to form a judgment. In a world where there is an abundance of information, it is essential for young people to develop critical thinking skills to make informed decisions and solve multilayered problems.

Creativity: As automation and AI continue to replace routine tasks, creativity has become a key skill. The ability to come up with innovative solutions, think outside the box, and bring new ideas to the table is crucial for staying competitive in today’s fast-paced and rapidly changing environment.

Emotional Intelligence: Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to understand and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. With remote work and virtual teams becoming increasingly common, young people who have strong emotional intelligence skills will be able to build strong relationships and communicate effectively.

Adaptability: With technological advancements and changing environments, it is essential for young people to be adaptable and flexible. Those who can quickly adapt to new situations, learn new skills, and pivot when needed will be better positioned to succeed in the future.

Cybersecurity: With the growing reliance on technology, cybersecurity has become a crucial skill for young people. Those who understand the importance of cybersecurity and can identify and mitigate cyber threats will be in high demand.

Our Program of Inquiry will be on display in the Office Area in the coming week. Please drop in to have a look.

Year 6 Market Day

This term, Year 6 have been busy learning about business and economics. We have designed and created some awesome handmade products to sell at our Year 6 Market, and all students from Prep to Year 5 are invited to come shopping.

The market is on Monday 4th September and students can bring up to $10. Our items will cost between $1.00-$4.00. Items include candles, bracelets, badges, bags, basketball cards, infinity toys, cat teasers and many more! 

Get ready for the best Year 6 market you will ever experience!

By Tabitha

Snapshot of Learning

Inquiry – Year 4

The Year 4, Term 3 Inquiry Big Idea was ‘Different actions have influenced society and lead to social change’.

We explored a variety of actions that have taken place over time that have resulted in social change. One such action was Rosa Parks standing up for human rights on buses. Another was, the right for girls education by Malala Yousafazi.

Students in 4B chose a topic of passion and a mode of communication that included and used persuasive devices such as, rhetorical questions, facts and statistics and emotive language to convince their audience to make a change.

Click on the following links to watch some of the video’s students created.

Are you convinced to make a change?

STEM – Year 1

In STEM this term, the Year 1s have been learning to code with the robots and on The students that received certificates at assembly completed 20 or more coding maze challenges online or with the Dash Robots. They have worked very hard each week to problem solve and learn all about the different types of coding blocks and their functions. 

Well done to Bella, Marley, Leo, Jed, Joel, Lachie and Albie.

Keep calm and code on! 

Book Week Celebrations with Author Andrea Rowe


Year 6 Quantum Victoria

Monday 28th August

Consent required on Compass by Friday 25th August

Year 1 & 2 Swimming Program

Monday 28th August – Friday 1st September

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Friday 18th August

Father's Day Stall

Wednesday 31st August

Please see flyer in this edition of the Buzz.

Volunteers required to assist with the stall. Please contact the office if you are able to help.

Share the Joy of Learning - Open Morning

Friday 1st September

Parents are invited to join their children in the classroom following assembly.

Prep Swimming Program

Monday 4th September – Friday 8th September

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Friday 25th August

Market Day

Monday 4th September

Please see details in this edition of the Buzz

Year 6 Madagascar Tech Rehearsal

Tuesday 12th September

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Monday 11th September

Madagascar Matinee Performance - All Years

Wednesday 13th September

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Tuesday 12th September

'Sausage Sizzle' Student Lunch

Friday 15th September

To celebrate the end of term, we are providing a sausage sizzle lunch for our students. There is no charge to families for this lunch.

Coffee Van & Donut Treat

Friday 15th September

We will have a coffee van for our parent community to enjoy from school drop off until the end of our Footy Day assembly.

Boneo 'Footy Day'

Friday 15th September

Students are invited to wear their team colors for our football themed assembly and will participate in a morning of football activities. Parents are welcome to attend.

Last Day of Term

Friday 15th September

Early Dismissal @ 2.15pm

Boneo Market

Saturday 16th September

All years have been allocated to BBQ duty.

Please contact the office if you are able to assist with BBQ or Car Parking

Year 4 Golden Valley Camp

Monday 9th October – Wednesday 11th October

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Friday 1st September

HPV Energy Breakthrough Event

Tuesday 21st November – Friday 24th November

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Friday 15th September

School Dental Van

Week Commencing Monday 4th December

Please return consent forms to school by Friday 8th September

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