Boneo Buzz: 24th April

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our community can be so proud of our achievements over the last two weeks. Remote learning presents us all with formidable challenges. We are all learning how to do things differently for a while. Across our community of students, staff and parents there is a wide range of comfort with technology, even very digitally-savvy young people struggle with educational technology. Many important aspects of learning do not transfer easily to online environments but I am thrilled to say that we are all embracing this opportunity to learn new things. The Boneo staff would like to thank our parents and careers for your unwavering support of our program.

Here are some reminders for the week:

Help students ‘own’ their learning

No one expects parents to be full-time teachers or to be educational and content matter experts. Provide support and encouragement, and expect your children to do their part. Struggling is allowed and encouraged! Don’t help too much. Becoming independent takes lots of practice. At Boneo Primary, your child usually engages with other students and any number of adults hundreds of times each day. Many of these social interactions will continue from a distance, but they will be different. You cannot replace them all, and that’s OK.

Many children have been living and loving the online lifestyle for some years now. They’ve put in the training and are mostly coping well. The first thing I want to point out is that parents have been doing home-based learning with children ever since they were born. Also you are not a teacher. Let me repeat that- you are NOT a teacher. Even if you possess teaching qualifications, in your own home you are NOT a teacher. Your children need you to do your most important role of being a parent. Keep communicating with your child’s teacher.

Remember to wait.

Children take more time to process questions than adults might realise. You have to pause and give them time to consider an answer and resist the urge to jump in giving them clues to get to the right answer. Being patient with a child’s answer encourages thinking and builds confidence. Consciously waiting for children to respond will also prevent parents from doing the work for them.

Stifle your own perfectionism.

Maybe their letter ‘e’ looks kind of wonky or it took them a long time to figure out 4×8. That’s ok! Stay positive, offer upbeat feedback with as much specific detail as possible – not just a generic “good job” and your child will be more apt to keep practicing. Repetition will lead to improvement which will inspire intrinsic motivation. Remember that their work won’t look perfect! They are children and they are learning. They need to learn to find their own mistakes.


Due to coronavirus restrictions, Australia’s Anzac Day services have all been called off this year. This has inspired a push for Aussies to mark their own commemorations at home, so they can pay their respects while keeping safe from the virus. RSLs around the country are encouraging people to head outside and “Light up the Dawn” with mini-services in their driveways, at their front gates or on their veranda.

 I encourage our community to join in. Wake up the children and light up the dawn. Please take a photo and send it to the Boneo email account so we can place these images on social media or tag the Boneo Facebook account into your post on social media and add #Light Up The Dawn

Victorians can catch the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance service on ABC Melbourne and ABC Victoria Facebook pages from 6:10am local time and on ABC Melbourne radio from around 6:15am.

So when do I go stand in my driveway?

People are expected to gather in their driveways, on their balconies or at their front gates to “Light up the Dawn” about 6:00am.

This is roughly the time that the Ode, the Last Post, the Minute’s Silence and Reveille will be happening at the national service.

There are a few ways people can coordinate their outdoor services, such as:

  • Listening to the TV, if you’re standing on a patio or verandah
  • Setting a TV up in the garage if that’s close to your driveway
  • Streaming on a device, like an iPad or phone, and carrying it with you.

 A huge thank you to our families who participated in Mr. Daltons Art initiative to draw poppies. We received some gorgeous images. Great work everyone.

Coops Challenge

Mr Cooper is asking our community to try a new trick. Film yourself using a ball of any kind and try to perfect a trick. Please have a look at Tate’s amazing efforts. We encourage all parents to join in the fun as well! Send your film to

Snapshot of Learning this Week

Anzac Day – Poppies Project


Term 2 Events

All events have been postponed 

and therefore closed on Compass.

Parents will be updated when onsite schooling resumes.

Community News

Dear Boneo Primary School Community,

We are here to help keep your students physically active with our FREE virtual lessons!

We know that active students are more engaged in classroom learning activities and have better capacity for concentration, so we are here to help Boneo Primary School get the most out of this remote learning environment.

Our fantastic coaching team have developed some creative and engaging online virtual sessions for children to do at home completely free of charge, with no prior experience required. Simply click the link and follow along at home!

We have attached our most recent video for you, but you can also find the online virtual lessons via the following platforms:

Peninsula Gymnastics Website

Facebook: @peninsulagymnasticsvic

InstagramTV: peninsula_gymnastics_vic

Each week we will be adding new content.

Kind regards,