Boneo Buzz: 22nd May

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Transition to Onsite Learning

Monday 25th May – Pupil Free Day for all students

Tuesday 26th May – Students in Prep to Year 2 and all staff return onsite

Tuesday 9th June – All students return onsite to school

Please click on the red link below to read our comprehensive Covid 19 Operations Policy.

What parents need to know for Tuesday 26th May.

All Prep to Year 2 students will need the following:

  • A named refillable drink bottle (drinking fountains will be closed)
  • A named empty pencil case ready for staff to fill with supplies
  • A small bottle of personal sanitizer clearly labelled.

At 8:40 on Tuesday 26th May, staff will be out in the yard/oval ready to collect and support students to transition back to school. We have a surprise welcome gift and treasure hunt planned to make it fun.

All students in Prep to Year 2 who borrowed a device will need to return these to the office on Tuesday.

Visitors to school are limited to those delivering or supporting essential services. Unfortunately, activities dependent on and involving parents are postponed until further notice.

Parents are encouraged to contact staff either by phone, email or through a scheduled Zoom meeting.

All students from Years 3 to 6 will continue to learn remotely for two weeks. We need to alter schedules to accommodate school drop off and teachers will upload a revised schedule onto Compass on Monday.

Mr Cooper’s Challenge

Backyard Wildlife Photo Competition

While our lives have been very different for a couple of months now, the wild animals in our environment have been going about their business as usual! Ms Sison’s daughter took some photos of a praying mantis devouring its lunch (a skink) the other day! It gave her an idea…

If you go out into the garden and look around, you may see some butterflies in the flowers or a lizard sunning itself on a rock. Birds might be perched in your trees or on fences.

Take some photos! Choose your best one and email it to Ms Sison. Great prizes to be won!

Winners will be announced in week 11, so get clicking!

** Remember, some of our creatures can bite or sting, so check with an adult before getting too close or before turning over logs etc.

How to enter

  • Choose your best wildlife photo
  • Tell us what it is and a little bit about where you found it
  • Email the photo to Ms Sison

Prep Enrolment 2021

The time is approaching for us to begin offering places for Prep in 2021. To guarantee a place of offer for siblings, we must have your ‘Intention to Enrol’ details registered with the office as soon as possible.

We have a waitlist for families wishing to attend and require confirmation of our sibling and in area numbers before these offers are made.

Please ensure this is actioned before 1st June as we are unable to guarantee late applications.

If you require further assistance regarding our enrolment process, please contact the school office.

Year 6 to Year 7 Transition

Just a reminder to all Year 6 families that the ”Application for Year 7 Placement in 2021′ is to be returned to Boneo PS by Friday 29th May.

Please see the Compass News Feed posted on 22nd April for further information.

Snapshot of Learning this Week

‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ 

Thank you to the families who have shared their ‘Heart Maps’ and wellbeing activities to be included in a special gratitude assembly. Here is a sample of  ‘gratitude’ from our community.

‘Boneo Master Chef’ with Mrs Whitworth



Curriculum Day - Pupil Free Day

Monday 25th May

Prep to Year 2 students return to school

Tuesday 26th May

Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Monday 8th June 

Year 3 to 6 students return to school

Tuesday 9th June

Term 2 Events

All events have been postponed 

and therefore closed on Compass.

Parents will be updated when onsite schooling resumes.

Community News