Boneo Buzz: 22nd March

 -Dear Parents and Carers,

School Council News

This week, we held our School Council Annual General Meeting where we thanked retiring Councillors and established the positions of responsibility for 2024. We thank retiring members Vanessa Smedley, Jess Hennessy, Owen Goodwin and Liz Demaj for their contribution to School Council. We welcome three new parent representatives, Susan Osborne, Katie Reid and Gwen Baak along with Stacey Brown as the DET member. Parent reps Davey Smith, Alex Presutti, Martina Franjic, Trudi Wooley, Tim Robertson, Jo Twentyman, Briell O’Neill and Tom Pollett (DET) remain on Council. I congratulate Davey Smith who was elected as our new School Council President and Jo Twentyman as Vice President along with Susan Osborne as Treasurer. We invite all parents to reach out to our Council members if you have any queries or ideas to improve our school.

We discussed plans to revamp the student toilet facilities and are currently in discussions with builders and plumbers. Additionally, School Council scheduled the following student free days for the remainder of the year. Students are able to attend TheirCare on these days.

Friday April 26th Curriculum Day (the day after ANZAC DAY) We will hold our Annual Grandparent/Special Friend ANZAC Assembly on Monday April 22. Please invite them to save the date.  

Friday June 7th Professional Practice Day

Monday November 4th Curriculum Day

You will notice that each of these days wrap around a public holiday.

Family Food and Fun Night

Our Family Food & Fun Night was a resounding success! We raised over $11500 which will go toward purchasing new height adjustable basketball rings. These will be erected over the holidays. A big thank you to the parents who donated their time to assist with this major fundraising event. It was a huge undertaking, but so worthwhile to see our community come together and enjoy the festivities.

Our business community have again been amazing in their support of our school. We wish to acknowledge the following businesses for their major support of this event.

‘The Kitchen’ in Tootgarook (Coley Family) who returned for another year on the Curry Stall. Bob and his staff prepared and served the food. TheirCare for sponsoring the BBQ, and our popular veggie bags were supplied by Jim Cochrane Farms, Woolworths, Scicluna’s and Hawkes Farm. The flyer included below outlines the other generous organisations who donated their time, products or items for the Silent Auction.

Reminders for the last week of term

  • Parent Teacher Interviews – Tuesday and Wednesday
  • House Athletics – Wednesday and Thursday
  • Early Dismissal – Thursday at 2:15pm

Prep 2025

We kindly ask that you please reach out to the office at your earliest convenience regarding enrolment for Prep in 2025 for siblings starting their educational journey next year. Your proactive communication ensures a smooth transition and effective planning for the upcoming academic year. Existing families need to secure their child’s place to avoid missing out.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Jump Rope for Heart kicks off next term at Boneo Primary School! 

Jump Rope for Heart is the Heart Foundation’s primary school skipping challenge that helps kids move more, have fun, and raise funds for life-saving research and programs. 

This year we’ve got an audacious goal to see our student Heart Heroes at Boneo to log 40 hours of skipping throughout the program!

Register your child online, so they can receive the full benefits of the program and participate in online fundraising, simply follow the link below to get started 

Our 6 week program starts at the beginning of Term 2. Students will be skipping for at least 10 minutes in every P.E. lesson with skipping ropes available to use at Recess and Lunch times.

We will hold our school Jump Off Day on Friday 31st May, this will mark the end of the program and is a chance for everyone to come together to skip and show off their newly learned skills.

Thank you for supporting the Jump Rope for Heart program!

Snapshot of Learning


On Tuesday the 19th of March, our Year 5 and 6 TREC students went to Bushranger’s Bay for their first bush walking adventure. As part of the TREC Outdoor Education program, students are given the opportunity to participate in out of school experiences on the Mornington Peninsula.

Year 3 Inquiry

Our different cultures and beliefs impact who we are. 

The Year 3 students shared their learning about celebrations of different cultures. Each group shared an experience that showed how the significant event is celebrated.

Ramadan – ‘fasted’ during recess and then shared how it felt and how we connect with this tradition

“My mum works so hard to get money to feed a family of 4”

“I was upset at first but then I remembered adults have to fast for a whole day”

Christmas and Easter – sharing our wish to Santa and an Easter egg hunt

“Why do we have Easter Egg hunts when celebrating Easter?”

“Why are they called Christmas and Easter?” 

Diwali – Rangoli drawings

“I learnt that is a celebration to recognise the people who fought the demons, Rama and Sita”

“Diwali has a festival of lights just like Hanukkah” 

Day of the Dead – mask making

In Mexico they celebrate the people who have died during the year”

“They have skulls and candles in houses”

Hanukkah – sharing the festival of lights and traditional foods

“Jewish people celebrate it”

“It is called the festival of lights because of the lights and the menorah (candle holder)”

Chinese New Year – A dragon parade and a feast (eating together at lunch eating time)

“To celebrate Chinese New Year we have a big feast together”

“Chinese New Year will have parades of dragons and fireworks”

Preps Experience The Enchanted Adevnture Garden


This term in STEM, students across the school have worked on a community project, developing websites for ‘2 Left Sisters’ Café in Mornington. In collaboration with Wayne from NAB, a group of Year 5 students have learnt intermediate skills in HTML coding to develop their website. Other students have used Canva, Google Sites or Wix to develop professional websites. 

On Thursday, Kieran had coffee with the owners of the café and showcased over 150 websites, logos, and menu designs from our Boneo students. We can’t wait to see which designs the owners select for their live website! We hope to share it in the Buzz next term. 

Kitchen and Garden

Our students have been buzzing with activity in the garden, gearing up for the next term’s greenery. Here’s a quick rundown:

Seed Collection: Students have been busy collecting and storing seeds for future planting, ensuring a fruitful season ahead.

Borage Transplanting: With care and precision, they’ve moved borage seedlings into pots, ready to take home and nurture.

Sowing for Success: Our young gardeners have also been busy sowing cauliflower, broccoli, Asian greens, and coriander seeds, setting the stage for a thriving garden next term.


Phoenix Soar Leadership Program Year 5 & 6

Monday 26th February – Monday 25th March

Please see Compass for more details

Parent Teacher Conferences

Tuesday 26th & Wednesday 27th March

Bookings can be made via Compass

House Athletics Day

Wednesday 27th – Thursday 28th March

Further details to follow via Compass

Last Day Of Term

Thursday 28th March

Early Dismissal at 2:15pm

School Returns

Monday 15th April

Year 6 Camp

Tuesday  16th – Friday 19th April

All year 6 students

Please see Compass for more details

Boneo Community Market

Saturday 20th March

Car parking and BBQ volunteers required

Please contact the Office if you can help

Grandparents & Special Guest Day

Monday 22nd April

ANZAC Day Assembly and Grandparents and Special Guest Day

Curriculum Day

Friday 26th April

Student free day

Community News