Boneo Buzz: 21st May

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Schools serve the community through engaging and working inclusively with a broad range of people and organisations. We strengthen community cohesion, helping to improve student learning within and beyond school. Strong communities act as a support network for student health, wellbeing and engagement. We support students’ learning and development and enhance social inclusion. Boneo Primary School is known for its strong community partnerships where students can engage in the world of work, building different pathways and social networks. These help to create smooth transitions into further education, training and ultimately employment.

Strong community partnerships are crucial for building trust and enabling cultural connectivity. Working with the community also gives us access to local expertise, facilities, resources and services, which can help our students overcome barriers and flourish. Boneo Primary School Council has an integral role to play in connecting our community.

Introducing the 2021 Boneo Primary School Council.

The School Council establishes the broad direction and vision of the school. School Council sets school policies, which are implemented by the Principal and staff. Council is comprised of parents, staff and community members, who work together to ensure the smooth operation and ongoing development of the school. We have a number of sub-committees to oversea specific areas of the school’s operation:

  • Finance
  • Learning and Wellbeing
  • Grounds and Facilities

Our School Council activities include:

  • Develop and monitor the school’s Strategic Plan and Student Engagement Policy
  • Develop and review policies, goals and priorities
  • Approve and monitor the annual school budget, including fundraising activities
  • Maintain and improve facilities
  • Promote the school in the wider community

Each month, following our school council meeting council will share news and update our community.

Monthly Message from our School Council President

The Boneo School Council would like to thank the nearly 90% of families that have paid their Essential Student Learning Item fees (school fees). This fee is for the essential learning items provided to students, allowing our teachers to have the classroom and individual resources to work within the curriculum. Boneo Primary School is a school with community at heart, together we can ensure that students have the resources and facilities they need to be their very best. There is currently an outstanding amount of more than $9,000.00 for Essential Student Learning Items, which families may have overlooked and forgotten to pay their invoice. If you have overlooked your statements we encourage you to contact the school to arrange payment or develop a payment plan so that the funds can be used to enhance the learning of your children, and the Boneo Primary School community. 

Community Shout Out

We would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to Roy from Berwick who has kindly donated his recumbent exercise bike to support the Human Powered Vehicle program. The exercise bike will enable the students in the HPV program to increase their aerobic training capacity on school grounds and promote health, fitness and wellbeing. This bike, along with others donated by members of the community will become an important part of the program for many years to come. We thank Roy for his generous donation towards improving the learning experiences for students at Boneo Primary School.

May Market Carpark Helpers

A huge thankyou to Iain and Amber Coils, Kate Falkenberg and Katie Reid for volunteering to assist at the market this month. Your support of our community is much appreciated.

Snapshot of Learning

Year 6 – Scienceworks

Two days ago the Year 6’s went to Scienceworks. Everyone enjoyed it. Students had to arrive at school by 8:15 am. Then the bus arrived at 8:30 am. We arrived at 10:00 am because the trip was an hour and a half. When we arrived, we ate our snack and went to the sports exhibit and an exhibit about the future.

After an hour we went to an exhibit about robots and there was a game. It was about making your human body into a robot. There was another game where you controlled a robot to go in different directions. Finally, there was a game where you stood in front of a screen and controlled an AI to complete an obstacle course. There was a robot arm where you controlled the arm to touch a ring.

At 12:30 pm, we ate our lunch and went back to the sports exhibit. Some people went to a place where there were chairs that vibrated like a massage chair. It felt so relaxing that some people slept. There was a container with snow and four propellers. You had to control the propellers to blow the snow away.

In conclusion, the trip was amazing. People enjoyed it and everyone was exhausted after the long bus ride. I hope we go back to Scienceworks.  – by Cosmo 

 At 8:15am I arrived at school with Mum then we left on the bus at 8:30am. It was a long drive. We were on the bus for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

When all Year 6, Mums, Dads and teachers arrived at Science works, we went to eat some food because it was 10:45am. I ate a bar then I had a treat.

After eating some food we went to a sport place. The first thing I did was I went to a big screen where if you stepped on this mat you would appear on the screen. You could play mini games on the screen. Then I drawled a house on this big iPad. After I went on this cool machine were it would spin around and the person would disappear.

All of the Year 6 students went to eat some lunch, I ate a sandwich and I went to have free time so I could go back to explore. My favorite thing was the mini game. – by Charlie

On Wednesday, 6B and 6A went to Science Works. We left at 8:30 and got there at 10:05.

There were other Year 6 classes there from different schools.

I walked in and sat down to get my snack then we got put into groups. I was in a group with Izzy’s mum Kat.

After eating some of my food we went to the sports place there. It was so cool I wish I could spend a whole week there because I love going their but I did not like the bus drive; it was really long.

I loved the one when you sat down on a vibrating couch. I fell asleep on it. I also like it when we got to make snow and move the fans to make the snow move around in the big box.

We were doing the born and built; it was super doper fun……. LOVED it. I now wish we did more there and had more time to experiment.

It was the best day of my life. – by Bella


Prep Library Excursion

Monday 24th May & Monday 7th June

Consent due on Compass by 20/05/21


Joy of Learning - Math Open Morning

 Thursday 17th June

Further details to follow via Compass


Southern Peninsula Music Camp

 Wednesday 16th – Friday 18th June

Selected students – Please see Compass event for details


Year 6 GRIP Excursion

 Tuesday 25th May

Consent required on Compass by 23/05/21


Year 5 - Sovereign Hill Big Day Out

 Wednesday 2nd June

Consent/Payment required on Compass by 28/05/21


Joy of Learning - Math Open Morning

 Thursday 17th June

Further details to follow via Compass


6B Quantum Victoria

 Wednesday 16th June

Consent required on Compass by 11/06/21


6A Quantum Victoria

Monday 21st June

Consent required on Compass by 18/06/21


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