Boneo Buzz: 21st July

 Dear Parents and Carers,

I want to take this opportunity to emphasise the significance of this term in accelerating our students’ learning and growth. Term 3 marks a crucial period of learning for our students so please ensure they are attending regularly. Students are currently busy preparing for the Student Led Conferences next week and engaging in the trialling of innovative PAT Progressive Achievement Adaptive assessments.

Student Led Conferences: Empowering Our Learners

At Boneo Primary School we believe in placing our students at the helm of their educational journey. The Student Led Conferences provide a unique opportunity for our learners to actively participate in discussions with you, their parents, and our dedicated teachers, regarding their progress and achievements. This approach fosters a deeper understanding of their learning experiences, goals, and areas for improvement.

During these conferences, students will be showcasing their chosen learning and achievements, reflecting on their progress, and setting targets for their future development. This collaborative approach strengthens the partnership between parents, teachers, and students, enabling a supportive environment for student success.

PAT Progressive Achievement Adaptive Assessments: Personalised Pathways to Success

We are excited to inform you that our teachers have been diligently trialling the PAT Progressive Achievement Adaptive assessments. These assessments are designed to provide objective, norm-referenced information to our educators about our students’ skills and understanding in key areas such as Maths and Reading.

The PAT Adaptive assessments offer personalized pathways to learning, allowing teachers to guide each student’s individual learning journey. The data exploration and analysis provided by these assessments enable our educators to tailor their teaching strategies to meet the specific needs of every student, ensuring that each child makes progress over time, regardless of their starting point.

Understanding PAT Adaptive Assessments: Empowering Our Educators

To maximize the potential of these new assessments, our teachers have been engaging in professional development sessions to familiarize themselves with the test design, delivery, and data exploration of the PAT Progressive Achievement Adaptive assessments. Through these sessions, our educators are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to support your child’s academic growth effectively.

We firmly believe that this personalised approach to learning will result in more engaged and motivated students, leading to greater achievement and success. As parents and guardians, your involvement and support play a pivotal role in our students’ success. We encourage you to actively participate in the Student Led Conferences, engaging in meaningful conversations with your child about their learning journey. If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Parenting Workshop

‘Seasons of Parenting’ is a program designed to assist parents seeking to support their children to become strong, independent, confident kids. A series of four sessions will be facilitated by Teresa Garland our School Chaplain. 

Topics covered will include.

  • Connecting with your child
  • Understanding big emotions
  • Effective communication 
  • Supporting autonomy 

Sessions will be held weekly on a Friday, commencing Friday 18th August. Teresa will run two sessions: 1pm -2pm & 2pm -3pm.

Please contact the school office to register your interest and Teresa will contact you to confirm your place. 

Snapshot of Learning

This Week in Year 3

Students in Year 3 have enjoyed a week of swimming lessons at Yawa. The intensive week of workshops has been an enjoyable way to experience or extend swimming and water safety skills, and has been a fabulous program. Students have described the swimming lessons as; “amazing”, “fun”, “sometimes challenging” and “exciting!”

Miss Frost has done an outstanding job as ‘teacher for the day’ (her recent Boneo Buck reward!) coordinating reading to learn, leading a spelling test, supporting her class to be organised for swimming, and assisting the leaders for Wellbeing. Overall Miss Frost thought the experience ‘harder than expected’ because her class were ‘too talkative’!


Student Led Conferences

Tuesday 25th – Wednesday 26th July

Bookings open on Compass Tuesday

20th June 

School Council Meeting

Tuesday 25th July

Boneo Trivia Night

Saturday 29th July

Please contact the office to make your bookings

Year 3 Willum Warrain Excursion

Monday 31st July

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Wednesday 26th July

Snow Sports Camp Information Session

Wednesday 2nd August @ 5pm

Tootgarook PS STEM Room

Year 2 Forces in Action Incursion

Wednesday 2nd August

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Monday 31st July

Year 1 Light & Sound Incursion

Wednesday 2nd August

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Monday 31st July

Year 5 Urban Camp

Monday 7th – Thursday 10th August

Snow Sports Camp

Sunday 13th  – Friday 18th August

Boneo Market

Saturday 19th August

Prep have been allocated to BBQ duty.

Please contact the office if you are able to assist with BBQ or Car Parking

School Council Meeting

Tuesday 22nd August

Book Week Author Visit

Wednesday 23rd August

Whole school visit with local author Andrea Rowe

Year 6 Quantum Victoria

Monday 28th August

Consent required on Compass by Friday 25th August

Year 1 & 2 Swimming Program

Monday 28th August – Friday 1st September

Consent required on Compass by Friday 18th August

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