Boneo Buzz: 20th October

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In light of the recent findings from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) study, which revealed that 43% of 15-year-old students globally report noisy and disruptive classrooms, we believe it’s crucial to address the issue of school behaviour and discipline. Particularly troubling is Australia’s ranking at 69th out of 76 countries on the ‘disciplinary climate index,’ positioning our schools among the least orderly in the world.

At Boneo PS we firmly believe that if we set high expectations for behaviour, our students will rise to the occasion.

This week, students reported that graffiti was discovered in our school restrooms. We were heartened to witness the response of our students when asked to come to the office if they had made the mistake and needed to clean if off. The students who were responsible for the graffiti stepped forward voluntarily, admitting their mistake. They expressed their remorse and willingly cleaned it off. This response speaks volumes about the impact of our high expectations for behaviour and our belief that children want to do what is right.

Why High Expectations Matter

High expectations of behaviour are essential for several reasons:

  • Creating a Culture of Responsibility: When students know that we expect the best from them, they are more likely to act responsibly and own up to their actions when they fall short.
  • Promoting Accountability: High expectations teach our students to take responsibility for their choices, fostering a sense of personal accountability that is invaluable in all aspects of life.
  • Fostering a Positive School Environment: A positive and orderly school environment encourages learning and growth. When students uphold our expectations, the entire school community benefits.
  • Preparation for the Real World: The real world demands responsibility and accountability. By setting high expectations in school and at home, we prepare our students for success beyond these walls.

Parents Role in Reinforcing High Expectations

We believe that our students have the potential to meet and exceed these high expectations with your support. Here’s how you can help:

  • Encourage Responsibility: Teach your children the importance of taking responsibility for their actions and decisions. Discuss the consequences of their choices.
  • Promote Open Communication: Create a safe space at home for your child to share their concerns, questions, or even their mistakes. Open communication is a key element in reinforcing high expectations.
  • Lead by Example: Be a role model by demonstrating responsible behaviour and owning your actions.
  • Support Our Efforts: Partner with us in reinforcing high expectations both at school and at home. Together, we can foster an environment where students thrive academically and personally.

Setting high expectations for behaviour is not just an aspiration; it’s a necessity. We have seen how our students, when challenged to meet these expectations, have risen to the occasion. By working together, we can continue to improve our school’s climate and provide the best possible learning experience for our students.

It’s a Girl!

Congratulations to Ms Davenport and Mitch on the safe arrival of their gorgeous baby girl, Hazel Grace Dempster, on 7th October.

Sending our best wishes at this very special time. We look forward to meeting Hazel soon.

Congratulations Mr Greening

Well done to Mr Greening who attended his first Australian Masters Games for Athletics in Adelaide recently.

He entered 5 events, medalling in all and achieving a few PB’s.

Mr Greening placed 2nd in the 60m (7.96 sec) and 100m (12.40 sec) sprint and achieved gold in the long jump (5m 54cm), high jump (1m 34cm) and triple jump (11m 32cm).

He is now aiming at competing overseas in future seasons. 

Oaks Day

The countdown is on…..only 3 weeks to go!

A final call out to those who are planning on attending, but have not yet booked their tickets, we have limited availability so please make contact ASAP.

A reminder to advise the office of any guest dietary requirements by next Thursday 26th October to allow the venue to arrange catering.

Sponsors are continuing to jump onboard with their support of our major fundraising event, but It is an enormous task sourcing donations and we are appealing to our families for assistance. If you have a contact, or are a business owner, that may be in a position to offer support, please contact the school office. 

Our fundraising target for this year is over $14,000 and these funds will be used to purchase a class set of Lenovo ThinkPad computers. These devices are vital to ensure our students develop the skills young people will need to be productive contributors in the future.

 Thank you to the following businesses for their support.

School Fun Run

We’re four weeks out from our School Fun Run! We hope students are working hard towards their fundraising goals! 

Currently we have raised $5,900 of our $30,000 goal, so there is a way to go and we hope you’ll keep supporting us! 

Thanks for supporting us with your fundraising efforts, we look forward to celebrating with an amazing day! 

Instrumental Music Tuition

Enrolment for our music program is now open! If your child is interested in joining our program in Term 4, and learning a new instrument, I encourage you to sign them up today! Our program provides students with an enriching and engaging experience, where students have fun and learn a new skill with their peers. To enrol or find out more, please contact Musicorp at 1300 858 911 or visit the website at

Gareth Holloway

Instrumental Music Tutor

We have been advised by our uniform supplier, Advanced Promotional Clothing, that due to the ongoing cost increases in all areas of production, they will be regretfully increasing the prices of our uniform items.

Price list effective November 1st (inclusive of GST);

Tee Shirt                              $24.00

Short Sleeve Polo               $28.00

Long Sleeve Polo                $31.00

Hoods (no zip)                     $46.00

Zip Hoods                            $48.00

Sun Hats                              $17.00

Beanies                                $18.00

School Bags                         $61.00

Shorts                                   $25.00




Snapshot of Learning

Share the Joy of Learning  – Mathematics

It was exciting to see many parents and special guests join us this morning for our ‘Share the Joy of Learning’ Mathematics session. Our visitors enjoyed engaging with their children in the classroom in a variety of mathematical problem solving activities.

STEM – Year 5

It’s all happening in the STEM room this term! The Year 5s are working on film producing and editing, hardware tear downs and rebuilds, and they are even creating animal sanctuaries by coding on scratching, building with Lego, or engineering on Minecraft

Gardening Club


Boneo Market

Saturday 21st October

Years 2 & 3 are rostered for BBQ duty. Volunteers required for Car Parking duty.

Please contact the office if you are able to assist.

Prep Pevan & Sarah Excursion

Tuesday 24th October

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Tuesday 10th October

2024 Prep Transition Session

Wednesday 25th October 9am-11am

Year 2 Briars Excursion

Thursday 26th October

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Tuesday 24th October

World Cup House Cricket

Friday 27th October

Year 3 Briars Camp

Monday 30th – Tuesday 31st October

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Friday 6th October

HPV Casey Fields

Monday 30th October

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Wednesday 25th October

Year 6 Graduation Photography - SchoolPix

Wednesday 1st November

2024 Prep Transition Session

Wednesday 1st November 9am-11am

Curriculum Day

Monday 6th November

Students are not required to attend school.

Melbourne Cup Day

Tuesday 7th November

Public holiday

Oaks Day Fundraiser

Thursday 9th November

See flyer in this edition of the Buzz

Year 1 Wildlife Reptile Incursion

Friday 17th November

School Fun Run

Friday 17th November

HPV Energy Breakthrough Event

Tuesday 21st November – Friday 24th November

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Friday 15th September

Boneo Market

Saturday 18th November

Years 4,5 & 6 are rostered for BBQ duty. Volunteers required for Car Parking duty.

Please contact the office if you are able to assist.

Kinect2Dance Year 5&6

Tuesday 21st November – Monday 18th December

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Monday 20th November

Year 6 Quantum Victoria

Wednesday 22nd November

Consent required on Compass by Monday 20th November

Professional Practice Day- Student Free Day

Monday 27th November

Year 5 - Melbourne Zoo

Wednesday 29th November 

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Monday 20th November

School Dental Van

Week Commencing Monday 4th December

Please return consent forms to school by Friday 8th September

End of Year Celebration Picnic

Tuesday 12th December

Please see flyer in this edition of the Buzz

2024 Step-up Day

Friday 15th December

Boneo Market

Saturday 16th December

Prep & Year 1 are rostered for BBQ duty. Volunteers required for Car Parking duty.

Please contact the office if you are able to assist

Year 6 Graduation

Monday 18th December

Save the Date

Last Day of Term

Wednesday 20th December

Early Dismissal at 1.15pm

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