Boneo Buzz: 19th June

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you for your continued diligence to ensure our community remains safe and healthy. I want to clarify that staff or students experiencing compatible symptoms with coronavirus (COVID-19), such as fever, cough or a sore throat, are encouraged to seek the advice of their healthcare professional who can advise on next steps. Staff and students are generally not required to present a medical certificate stating they are fit to return to school after a period of illness, however, in the current climate, the advice is that they should not return until symptoms resolve. Medical practitioners will advise you if your child needs to be tested prior to returning to school. Siblings with no symptoms should attend school unless advised by the doctor to stay at home.

Semester 1 Reports

Our school has continued to deliver quality teaching and learning programs and monitor the achievement of each student.

At Boneo Primary School, we know it is vital to involve students and their parents/carers in learning. This process includes providing reports on student learning. Reports will be accessed on Thursday 25th June via Compass at 4pm. In Term 3, parents will be invited to attend Student-Led Conferences in weeks 7 and 8 where students, parents and teachers come together to discuss student learning. Parents are reminded that they can contact teachers at anytime to discuss their child’s progress.

Somers Camp Visit

Outdoor Education staff from Somers Camp attended Boneo for two days to share a taste of some of their outdoor education program. As you can see, our children were thrilled.


The Mornington Peninsula Shire wanted to consult with young people about their Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Our young people responded with a different kind of rap.

A group of students from Rosebud Secondary College wrote the lyrics and primary school students from all across the Peninsula came together to perform it.

Congratulations to Boneo students on their involvement and thank you to the Mornington Peninsula Shire Youth Services team on this wonderful collaboration.



Snapshot of Learning this Week

Poetry/Handwriting with 4A 

Young Engineers in the Making


Last Day of Term 2

Friday 26th June 

Early dismissal 2.15pm

Term 2 Events

All events have been postponed 

and therefore closed on Compass.

Parents will be updated when onsite schooling resumes.

Community News