Boneo Buzz: 19th July

Friday 19th July, 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Welcome to our new Boneo Buzz post which is accessed via the Boneo Primary School website. Each Friday we will send families a direct link to The Buzz via Compass. The website functionality allows us to upload videos and images, creating a virtual connection to the wonderful learning that is happening each week.

Positive Emotions make us more Resilient

 At assembly on Monday we launched our Term 3 focus on Gratitude. I shared with students that Hugh van Cuylenburg has a simple equation:

Resilience and Happiness are based on the three pillars of Gratitude + Empathy + Mindfulness.

Hugh’s signature message was cemented during a teaching stint in India. Hugh met a student who was extraordinarily happy despite his lack of possessions or privilege. I explained that we can rewire our brain and improve our wellbeing by performing a simple 21 day challenge and asked all students and families to participate.

Here’s the simple Three Good Things exercise:

  • Every day, sit down for a while and look back at your day.
  • Then think of 3 things that went well for you during the day.
  • Write them down. Reflect and brood upon each of them.

If you are interested in the research behind this simple exercise click on the following link to hear Dr Seligman explain how it promotes happiness. 

Our emotions affect our long term well-being. Research shows that experiencing positive emotions in a 3-to-1 ratio with negative ones leads to a tipping point beyond which we naturally become more resilient to adversity and better able to achieve things.

Gratitude Tree

Today each family has received an envelope containing a small coloured card. We ask you to discuss what your family is grateful for and record this on the card. We encourage the students to place their family’s gratitude card on the Boneo Gratitude tree in reception.


There have been confirmed cases of Influenza A reported within our student and school community.

To minimise the risk of spreading illnesses within school, we ask that all students remain at home if they are unwell. Please ensure that you seek medical advice if you suspect your child, or a family member may have the flu, and ensure medical clearance is received before returning to school. 

Snapshot of learning this week


Dinosaur Dig at Boneo Primary School

On Tuesday morning, students and staff were surprised on their arrival at school to discover a Palaeontological Excavation had been unearthed on our school grounds!
There was much excitement and wonder as our young scientists explored the site, investigating and researching, to identify the bones and how they came to be at Boneo.
The following news stories on this event were produced by Year 2 reporters live from the site.


Breaking News! There are dinosaur bones at Boneo Primary School!

There were three sections that had dinosaur bones- one near the courtyard and two near the big kid’s playground. Scientists have said that one was a Triceratops leg, one was raptor footprints and the other was a baby raptor.
The bones were only visible for one day, then they went missing. We have a complication and we don’t know where they went. Who dug them up and where did they go?
Sorry for interrupting your show.
From reporters Lucas and Taj in Grade

On the breaking news this winter… Some mystery bones have been discovered at Boneo Primary School. On Tuesday morning when kids were coming in to the school, kids saw that there were bones and Mrs Dewar was looking at them. The students wonder what class of bones they might be, and what dinosaur they have come from. Could the bones be all one dinosaur or three different dinosaurs? Are these the bones from the Boneosaurus?
The bones were found in the courtyard and in the big kids playground. But are they real or not? Who knows? Find out more at Boneo Primary School news.
We are the reporters, Sienna and Lilly in Grade 2A.


Boneo Market

Saturday 20th July


Student Conferences

Wednesday 24th & 31st July

(Parent Teacher Interviews) Years 1 to 6 – Bookings open on COMPASS on Monday 24th June.

Melbourne Museum Excursion Year 2

Tuesday 30th July

Compass consent/payment required by Tuesday 30th July.

Rosebrook Choir Excursion

Wednesday 31st July

Please see Compass for event consent

Gen U Special Lunch

Friday 2nd August

Orders to be returned before Wednesday 24th July

Swimming Program Year 5&6

Commences Tuesday 6th August

Compass consent/payment required by Wednesday 31st July