Boneo Buzz: 17th September

A Message from our School Council President

As President of the School Council, I would like to personally thank you all for your exceptional efforts in continuing to support our students during remote learning.

I know I speak for each family at Boneo Primary School when I say this.

It has not gone unnoticed how dedicated you are in ensuring your students are given every opportunity to be the best they can be, regardless of the teaching environment you are given to work with. Remote learning is not what you trained for, however, you have all managed to adjust and apply your teaching methods to these unforeseen circumstances. Your students and our children are lucky to have such dedicated educators. You have gone above and beyond in delivering an engaging and supportive platform putting in many extra hours. The manner in which you have embraced this situation and continued to work with both the students and parents in bringing together the schools core values is outstanding, Respect, Empathy and Determination!

Please know that you are appreciated by your students and their families.

Thank you so much to each and everyone of you for being amazing.

Boneo teachers are RED

Kym Curtis

A huge thank you to our wonderful families for your generous messages and gifts to support the Boneo staff. We were overwhelmed and our hearts are full as we head into the holidays. We wish Mrs Webber all the very best as she takes leave before she welcomes her second child into her family.

Prioritising Gratitude

“Thank you for the pack that was dropped off last week. They have been enjoying the activities and treats over the last week. We feel very thankful to be supported by the school and the school community.”

“Thank you so much for putting together the care packages for all the children at Boneo. Amelie was so excited when she saw the bag hanging over the gate. It really helps to make them feel part of the school during remote learning. Thank you again!”

How amazing are you guys! Thank you so much for Lenny’s bag full of treats that is so lovely! Literally made his day! Thank you!”

“Thank you for dropping off Josh’s lovely gift bag on Saturday xx So nice to return home to a special and thoughtful gift … you are all just gorgeous and really do go that extra mile 🙂 Most appreciated!”

What a wonderful surprise from our beautiful Boneo Principal, talk about going the extra mile”

Thanks for the special delivery it really brightened the kids day!!”

“Thank you so much for the effort and thought that went into these care packages for the kids. It certainly put a smile on Willow’s face and we can’t wait to see you all when lockdown is over!”

“Thank you so much for the hand delivery of a special treat for Dylan yesterday. He was so pleased to receive it. We really appreciate how much work goes into organising something like that for the whole school so we just wanted to say a huge thank you.”

“Thank you to everyone at Boneo throughout this time- everyone has been amazing! However the little gift bag has been such a hit- especially the bubbles!”

Artie fell asleep on the couch last night cuddling his TV snacks like they were a teddy bear. I think we can safely say he was rather fond of them! Marley tried to gently remove them from him to put them away and Artie  just clutched them tighter. You are all doing a wonderful job, yet again!”


We just wanted to say a very big thank you for the gift bag we received last Friday, it was such a lovely thing to do. 

Today we decided to make the ice cream in a bag and the lava lamps. Both were a hit, even if the ice cream wasn’t exactly fit for a cone – I think we needed more ice – we were all happy to slurp from a bowl. It had the tick of approval from the little brother too (of course it did, it had sugar and chocolate chips!).
Jackson was amazed at the lava lamp experiment too.”

Snapshot of Learning

Student Work Samples

Prep A – Our word of the week was Beach. We made our own beach scene and wrote a recount of our visit to the beach.


Final Day of Term 3

Friday 17th September


Term 4 Commences

Monday 4th October


Curriculum Day

Monday 1st November

Student Free Day


Melbourne Cup Day -Public Holiday

Tuesday 2nd November


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