Boneo Buzz: 17th June

Dear Parents and Carers,


We are always working to refine our current processes to keep our community engaged in student learning. We currently share student progress through:

  • Mandated Semester 1 (June) and 2 (December) student reports
  • Parent/Teacher Information Meeting in Term 1. The practice of parent/teacher interviews is one that provides the parent community with an excellent opportunity to engage with staff and discuss first hand their child’s progress and needs and an opportunity to celebrate their successes.
  • Student Led Conferences in Term 3.
  • Reading Continuous Reporting via Learning Tasks on Compass

This semester, the Year 3 and Year 5 teams have trialed including the Compass ‘Learning Task’ for Writing in student reports. Parents will notice that within the report, the writing comment will sit separately from the general comments.

Continuous reporting refers to our teachers providing timely and targeted feedback following student assessment via Learning Tasks on Compass. At School Council this week, we discussed the success of timely reading assessment feedback and intend to expand continuous reporting next semester to include, Writing, Mathematics and Spelling. The main benefit we perceive in continuous reporting is the timely manner in which parents are informed of their child’s achievement. It is often seen as ‘too late’ at the end-of-semester for a parent to be formally notified of how their child has progressed.

The Semester 2 report will now be a summary of all the learning tasks that you receive throughout Terms 3 and 4. This will ensure you receive comments around learning that clearly state the areas where your child’s current level of achievement is and what goals they are working towards.

The Learning Tasks strengthen the partnership between home and school by ensuring parents are provided with immediate and continual feedback throughout the year. We are so excited to be offering this.


Special Lunch – Thursday 23rd June -Last day of Term 2 with normal dismissal time of 3:30pm

Curriculum Day – Friday 24th June

Snapshot of Learning

Fraction Pizzas – 1B

Music Camp – Team Boneo ‘Spics & Specs’ Champions


Boneo Market

Saturday 18th June

Year 2 have been rostered for BBQ duty at this market.

Please contact the office if you are available to help.

Prep Community Dress-up Day

Monday 20th June

Winter Lightning Prems

Wednesday 22nd  June

Consent/Payment required on Compass by  Friday 17th June

Special Lunch Day

Thursday 23rd June

All orders must be received by

Monday 20th June

Curriculum Day

Friday 24th June

Student Free Day

School Returns for Term 3

Monday 11th July

Swim Program - Year 5 & 6

Monday 18th – Friday 20th July

Consent/Payment required on Compass by  Friday 15th July

Student Led Conferences

Tuesday 26th – Wednesday 27th July

Further details to follow via Compass

Moonlit Sanctuary - Prep

Tuesday 9th August

Consent/Payment required on Compass by  Friday 22nd July

Community News