Boneo Buzz: 16th October

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have had such a magnificent start to onsite learning. The children have settled in well to routine and our teachers are doing a magnificent job, supporting the children. You will have probably found your children are weary as we finish the week. I know all of our bodies are getting used to the rigor of onsite learning so remember to encourage the children to get to bed early.

Following our School Council meeting this week, it was decided that our School Council President would clarify the Fee Structure for 2021 and where the Voluntary Contributions will be allocated. All families will have received letters yesterday. Please let us know if your child did not bring this home.

A reminder of our Boneo Football Day on Thursday 22nd October. Students are encouraged to wear their team colors. All grades will be participating in football activities during the day.

A Message from our School Council

Dear Parents and Carers,

As President of the School Council, I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss the impact of having no fundraising events during the COVID-19 pandemic on our School.

By not holding our annual Family Food and Fun Night, Oaks Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day Stall along with other fundraising events, this has left us without $66,000.00 in vital funds. This is a huge loss for the school and as I am sure you can appreciate has a huge impact on our school.

You will all have received a notice this week with the fee schedules. This has a detailed list of what the fees pay for. 

In addition, I felt it necessary to explain the ‘Voluntary Component’ so you are aware why this is important. The $70.00 is to help purchase what we have lost in fundraising during 2020. This money is used for providing technology and library books for our children. If each family unit was able to contribute $70.00 this would assist in purchasing these valuable resources to enhance and develop our children’s learning.

I do want to acknowledge that families are and have been doing it tough during the COVID-19 pandemic and as a School Council we are aware of this and to reiterate this is a voluntary component. 

I just felt that by giving an explanation of why this voluntary component is included would help with the understanding and why these funds are so necessary for ensuring we can provide the best possible resources for our school community and most importantly our children.  

So, if it is possible for your family to make the voluntary component contribution please do so knowing these funds are being used to benefit our kids and are assisting in making up the shortfall we have by not holding any fundraising events to date in 2020 and the uncertainty of 2021.

Myself and all members of the School Council are always available, should you need to reach out.

Kind regards,

Kym Curtis

(School Council President) aka Cody’s Mum


NB: Moving forward into 202, I would like to ask parents to join me on a Virtual Parents and Friends Committee. This new platform of online can be used to our advantage and we can use it to do Online events to fundraise for our school into 2021 as to not have another year without these vital funds. Please contact me via email or Boneo PS Parents Facebook page.

Boneo School Fun Run

On Friday 27th November all students will be participating in our annual School Fun Run. This was a fabulous success last year with all students having a wonderful day. Please see details below and use the following link to create your student profile page;

Snapshot of Learning

Welcome Back to On-site Learning


Grand Final Footy Day

Thursday 22nd October

Grand Final Public Holiday

Friday 23rd October

Curriculum Day - Student Free Day

Monday 2nd November

Cup Day Public Holiday

Tuesday 3rd November

Boneo School Fun Run

Friday 27th November

Curriculum Day - Student Free Day

Friday 4th December

Community News

 PV Online Conference: Monday 19th October

Our Annual Conference is going online this year, and as usual we’re bringing you expert speakers on current issues in education.
We encourage all parents, School Councillors and school staff to attend. Having staff and parents from your school at the same conference, hearing the same messages and discussing the same issues, is a great community-building activity for your school!

The Conference will take place on Zoom.

It’s free but registration is essential.
Please register by 17th October at the latest. 
Participants will be emailed a Zoom link on 18 October.

Register now

Join us!
We encourage all schools and Parent Clubs to join our organisation – further information about Parents Victoria including membership can be found
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