Boneo Buzz: 13th May

Dear Parents and Carers,

Students in Years 3 and 5 began NAPLAN this week. NAPLAN assesses a variety of skills, such as reading, numeracy, spelling and grammar. There is always much discussion around the pressure this will place on students. It is possible to use potential stressors such as upcoming tests, events or competitions as catalysts to discuss and promote your child’s mental health and continue to grow their resilience skills. Navigating challenges can become opportunities for learning how to deal with things like stress, time pressures, and changes. Below is a link to an article that outlines many Smiling Mind resources that you can draw on to help children navigate these feelings.

Using stress to nurture resilience skills (


It was wonderful to gather this morning under our new cover and be entertained by Year 6 student Dylan, performing ‘Rip Tide’, accompanied by Jagger on drums and Mr Pollett on guitar. To conclude our assembly, Georgia and Eszter performed the song ‘Hot and Cold’. What a joy it was to see our Prep and Year 1 students receive their Athletics ribbons. The clapping and peer cheering was so heart-warming. A reminder to all parents to come and join us for our weekly assembly at 9am on the basketball court.

Snapshot of Learning

4B’s Epic Cooking Class


Thank you to Zoe and Airiarna for sharing their class cooking experience with us all at assembly this morning. Very entertaining!

On Thursday, 4B made Banana and Honey Muffins. We all thought that Miss Brown knew how to cook, but we thought wrong! Wait till you hear what happened.

First, for Banana and Honey Muffins you will need:


3 ripe bananas (make sure they are peeled)

1 lid of vanilla extract (you should really use a teaspoon)

Scrape the knife in the butter to get a lump size (or 150 grams of butter if you follow the recipe)

85 grams of honey ( thanks to Miss Brown, Maximus put less in because she got impatient. It took too long to squeeze the honey out)

35 grams of Maple Syrup (always add more!)

2 eggs (and a piece of shell!)

240 grams SR Flour (be careful not to add any more)

Throw in some baking powder


Chuck all of the ingredients in the mixer and blend. Simple as that.

Put the batter in the muffin tin (scraping the bowl with a knife, who needs to wash more utensils by using a wooden spoon. Clean up is always a chore!)

Put in the oven for 20 minutes  (don’t worry about using butter to stop the batter from sticking to the pan. The burnt part on the pan at the end is sooo delicious)

Serve and Enjoy!


We need to add a special thanks to Kye for the extra 40 grams of self raising flour, the extra egg shell from Airiarna and not enough honey from Maximus.

The muffins looked yum, fluffy and they tasted like flour, banana and a tinsy bit of honey. The one l ate had a little bit of shell in it.

The lesson that we all have learned is….you don’t always need to follow the recipe. We learned that from Miss Brown.

It was fun to cook together as a class and to then eat the muffins all together. We had a great time. 

Year 5 – Sizzling Starts


Rhetorical Question – Hayden 

Have you ever risked your life for a better one? Australian gold miners did back in the 1850’s and most didn’t succeed which resulted in either jail or death. Due to unfair policeman, being left outside in bad weather conditions or getting sick.   

Rhetorical Question – Kiahli 

Have you even seen such a good dancer? Her name was Lola Montez.

Statement – Noah 

It has been a lifelong dream of mine to finally say Eureka, I’ve found it!

Statement – Noah 

Water flowing. Miners digging. This is what you see on the goldfields. Nowhere to wash your clothes or to make dinner. Gold is the only way home. You find it? You’re a millionaire. You don’t? You die.

Action – Ruby 

I ran and ran but the troopers still managed to catch me. Regret fills my mind. Tears fall down my face and I stop running. I give in.

Action – Sienna 

I panted. Hard. It had been days, weeks? I didn’t know at that point. I hadn’t found anything at all. All I had gotten was dirty, hungry and thirsty.

Describe your setting – Lelo 

We were 200 metres downstream from camp. We were gold panning. The weather was extremely hot, but luckily the tall forest trees were blocking the sun. I was heading back, dragging my shovel along behind me when it hit something hard. I whipped around and saw gleaming in a ray of sun, ‘Eureka!’.

Onomatopoeia – Amelie 

BANG. TNT explodes and I see something. It’s not big, nor small, but I had just found a nugget! This could make me a millionaire.



NAPLAN Year 3 & 5

Tuesday 10th to Friday 20th May

Assessments will occur on selected days within this date range

Year 6 Quantum Victoria

Tuesday 17th May

Consent required on Compass by Tuesday 10th May

Boneo Market

Saturday 21st May

Year 3 have been rostered for the BBQ. Please contact the office if you are able to assist.

School Council Meeting

Tuesday 24th May

Share the Joy of Learning Open Morning

Wednesday 25th May

Further details to follow via Compass

Year 1 Peninsula Gymnastics

Thursday 26th May

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Tuesday 24th May

Year 3 Briars Camp

Thursday 2nd to Friday 3rd June

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Sunday 15th May

District Boys Netball/Girls Football

Wednesday 8th June

Consent/Payment required on Compass by  Friday 3rd June

DET Professional Practice Day

Friday 10th June

Students not required at school

Southern Peninsula Music Camp

Wednesday 15th to Friday 17th June

Consent/Payment required on Compass by Thursday 12th May

Winter Lightning Prems

Wednesday 22nd  June

Consent/Payment required on Compass by  Friday 17th June

Curriculum Day

Friday 24th June

Student Free Day

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