Boneo Buzz: 12th August

Dear Parents and Carers,


Our school will be conducting our annual survey to find out what our community thinks of our school. The Parent/Caregiver/Guardian Opinion Survey is an annual survey offered by the Department of Education and Training that is designed to assist schools in gaining an understanding of families’ perceptions of school climate, student behaviour, and student engagement.

We encourage all families to participate in this survey. Our school will use the survey results to help inform and direct future school planning and improvement strategies.

A random sample of approximately 30 per cent of parents/caregivers/guardians is usually selected to participate in this year’s survey. Last year, all families were invited to participate in the survey and this year we intend to once again invite all families to participate.

The survey will be conducted from Monday 15th August to Friday 16th September. Parents will receive a Compass notification containing a password to access the anonymous survey.

The survey will be conducted online, only takes 20 minutes to complete, and can be accessed at any convenient time within the fieldwork period on desktop computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

BOOK WEEK, 22nd  August – 29th August

To celebrate Book Week the annual Book Fair is happening during book week from Monday 22nd August to Friday 26th  August.

Monday 29th August will be Book Week Dress Up Day. All children and staff will be dressing up as their favourite book character.


On Sunday, 16 students from Years 4 to 6, 4 parents and 2 staff are heading to Mt Buller for our annual Snow Camp. We know they will have a special time on the mountain and look forward to hearing all about it.

Exciting Events for Semester 2

  • Friday 26th August – Mathematic Share the Joy of Learning morning. All parents are invited to join us for a morning of Math games. Parents will learn some games they can use at home to support mathematical thinking.
  • Father’s Day Stall Wednesday 31st August
  • 2023 Prep Information Evening – Tuesday 6th September
  • House Footy Day – Parent Bacon and Egg Breakfast and then join the footy madness.

Snapshot of Learning

Prep – Moonlit Sanctuary


On Tuesday, we saw animals and we liked it. We tried to feed the kangaroos but the ducks kept eating it. The bus was so fun. – Emily

You know it was fun because I got to see owls and eagles and snakes! – Mikey

JJ put the bearded dragon on my head and I got to hold it! – Archer

Year 5  – Melbourne Zoo

Last Monday, my whole cohort went to the Melbourne Zoo. We were searching for information about Animal Adaptations.

There were so many beautiful animals. My favourite was the Meerkats. My whole class got to hold animal skulls to see what adaptations that animal would have had. My favourite was the snake skull, because it could open its mouth bones so big to fit bird eggs, mice, and even antelope into its mouth.

We were lucky enough to have a Macaw and a parrot stop by that we got to learn about as an extra! They both had colourful feathers to blend into their surroundings. One of the sneaky things flew off! 

We got to see herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. We all had a brilliant day and had a restful but chatty 2 hour ride home.  

Year 2 Incursion – Forces in Action


Snow Sports Camp

Sunday 14th – Friday 19th August

Monash Maker Space - HPV Team

Monday 15th August

Consent/Payment required on Compass by  Wednesday 10th August

Year 3 Cranbourne Gardens Excursion

Tuesday 16th August

Consent/Payment required on Compass by  Tuesday 9th August

School Council Meeting

Tuesday 16th August

Boneo Market

Saturday 20th August

Prep have been rostered for BBQ duty at this market.

Please contact the office if you are available to help.

Swim Program - Prep

Monday 22nd – Friday 26th  August

Consent/Payment required on Compass by  Monday 15th August

Scholastic Book Fair

Monday 22nd to Thursday 25th August

3.20pm – 4pm in the Multi Purpose Room

Book Week Dress-up Day

Monday 29th August

Dress as your favourite book character

Rugby Clinic Year 4-6

Tuesday 30th August

Their Care Parent Information Session

Tuesday 30th August @ 6.30pm

This session to be held via Zoom link

Father's Day Stall

Wednesday 31st August

Year 1 Wildlife Incursion

Thursday 1st  September

Consent/Payment required on Compass by  Tuesday 30th August

Year 6 City Excursion

Thursday 1st  September

Consent/Payment required on Compass by  Monday 29th August

Professional Practice Day - Students Not Required to Attend School

Friday 2nd Septrember

District Athletics

Wednesday 7th September

Consent/Payment required on Compass by  Friday 2nd September

Shrek Production - Evening Performance

Tuesday 13th September @7pm

Tickets on sale Monday 22nd August

via TryBooking. 

Shrek Production - Matinee Performance

Tuesday 13th September

Consent/Payment required on Compass by  Wednesday 7th September

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