Boneo Buzz: 11th December

Dear Parents and Carers,

I can hardly believe that we are coming to the end of the 2020 school year. What a year it has been!

This week has been a big one at Boneo PS with students and staff abuzz with excitement and anticipation as we embraced some COVID normal practices following Sunday’s announcements.

Our Year 6 students are now extremely excited by the prospect of a graduation ceremony with a family member in attendance and their special rite of passage live streamed to extended family at home.

The following summary should provide some clarity for parents around updated DET COVID Guidelines released this week:

School visitors

There is no requirement to limit the number or type of visitors to school premises as long as a density limit of one person per two square metres is applied. Record-keeping must be maintained for those on site for more than 15 minutes.

Parents are welcome on site but overall attendance numbers must be based on available floor space. Schools should continue strategies to support physical distancing.

Face masks – Face masks are no longer required in school settings. However, they are recommended for use by staff and parents when physical distancing of 1.5 metres cannot be maintained. Face masks must be carried by individuals.

2021 Student Leadership

As you are probably aware we have a very clear process for student leadership positions that involves considerable voice and agency from our students. This week, marked stage 1 of the 2021 leadership selection. It is exciting to note that the majority of the students in Year 5 have applied for a position/s. Our Year 6 leaders embraced this opportunity and took the interview process seriously. I would like to acknowledge the current and future leaders for the way in which they have embraced this process.

I am excited to announce the Stage 1 recipients:

School Captains – Isla Hunt, Adem Dika, Lillie Charles

Art Captains – Scarlet Paris and Milly Savage

Music Captain – Max Hunter and Sarah Romich

Technology Leaders (DT) – Jack Green, Eddie Barron, Tom Pittock and Annika Jessup

Buddy Liaison Leaders – Milla Kennedy and Jessah Browne

Environmental Leaders – Jackson Millidge and Finnegan McLean

Library Leader – Shelby Fayle

Stage 2 will see students in Years 3 to 6 voting for House Captains on Monday. The current House Captains will coordinate the process.


Chaplaincy Funding

The Victorian Government has entered into a National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP) agreement with the Commonwealth Government that provides funding to schools for Chaplains.

I am excited to advise you that Boneo Primary School has been successful in its application for funding. The NSCP will provide two years (2021–22) of funding to our school to support the engagement of our Chaplain, Ryan Fellows.

Planning for 2021 is well on the way. The leadership team have completed the 2021 Annual Implementation Plan which will be presented to School Council at our next meeting. We will share the 2021 AIP at the start of next year.

Market Helper

As you know the Boneo Market is a major fundraiser for our school. I am reaching out to ask for your help. I promise to deliver a coffee!

We still need the following assistance with Market Car Parking:

Saturday 19th December 

9am – 10am

10am – 11.30am

Saturday January 16th

10am – 11:30am


A reminder to all families of our fee payment schedule for 2021

Please see below details of the parent letter that was sent home to all families in October, along with the fee schedule for each child’s year level. It is important that we receive these payments by the due dates to ensure delivery of student book packs. Thank you for your cooperation with this process.

Payment Methods, Terms and Refunds

Payment can be made by direct transfer or BPAY to the school’s bank account, or by EFTPOS or cash at the Office.

Boneo Primary School Council have appoved the following payment options for 2021:

Option A     Full amount by 11th December 2020                                                                                        

Option B    1/2 payment by 11th December 2020

                    Balance paid by end of Term 1 2021

Financial Support for Families

Boneo Primary School understands that some families may experience financial difficulty.

For confidential discussion regarding access to support services, or if you would like to discuss alternative payment arrangements, please contact the Business Manager, Stella White on 03 5988 6253 or email:

Snapshot of Learning

End of Year Concert

Year 4 – The Ranch

On Wednesday, the Grade 4’s went to The Ranch.  At the Ranch we did the Crate Stack and the GIANT Swing!  It was so fun! The GIANT Swing was 15m high.  I was so scared and excited at the same time.  At first, I was only going to go halfway, but I ended up going to the top.  The drop was SO scary! My tummy dropped, but the view was amazing!  I’m so glad I went to the top.  I loved it!       by Bobbie

On Wednesday, we went to The Ranch.  At the Ranch there were two amazing activities.  They were the Crate Stack and the Giant Swing.  I liked both activities.  First, we did the Crate Stacking where you had to try to climb as high as you could.  You were split into groups of three.  I was with Dylan and Kelsey.  Your teammates would pass you a milk crate and you would climb onto it. I stacked six, Kelsey also six and Dylan seven.  The highest for the day was 13 by Brianna and Adele.  After that we went on the Giant Swing.  I went all the way to the top.  The person who had the rope would say, “3,2,1, brace the rope!”  You then had to pull the little green bobble which would release the rope and make you fall and swing.  I was shocked when I swung.  Overall it was AMAZING!!!  By Bayden 

Art – Year 5 Paper Mache Ice-creams


Year 6 Graduation

Tuesday 15th December

2021 Step Up Day

Wednesday 16th December

9am – 12.15pm

Final Day Term 4

Friday 18th December

Early dismissal 1.15pm

Boneo Market

Saturday 19th December


Boneo Market

Saturday 16th January


Students Return for 2021

Friday 29th January

All Year Levels

Community News