At Boneo Primary school our Literacy program is developed and implemented using the Professional Learning Communities approach to teaching and learning. Class teachers focus on setting clear individualised learning goals for students. Teachers work collaboratively to create a Literacy curriculum that is based on the individual needs of each child using constant assessment to understand what it is students need to learn. At all levels of the school students engage in daily independent reading with a strong focus on comprehension strategies to enhance understanding. Student’s writing is designed to offer them opportunities to write for authentic purposes, with quality feedback between the teacher and student. Literacy is integrated across the entire curriculum. An number of themed days are encouraged throughout the year to promote the values of Literacy.


In PE at BPS we run both a PMP Program (ran by the Prep teachers) and a PE program which from Prep – 2 has a major focus on the child’s motor skills and improving their hand/eye co-ordination, leading into many different sports for all year levels. During the warmer months (Term 1 and Term 4) we teach kids the basic rules and skills for cricket, ultimate Frisbee, rounders, tennis, basketball and netball etc. In the winter months (Terms 2 & 3) the sports we focus on include football, rugby, soccer, hockey as well as cross country and athletics.

There is a large emphasis put on teamwork and communication skills and encouraging the students to enjoy being active.

We also run a number of whole school sports days throughout the year where we encourage the parents, families and wider community to get involved and come along to support. These include our Junior School Athletics and Senior School Athletics Day’s, Swimming Carnival, Cross Country Day, Footy Day and a number of others depending on the what is happening in the world of sport that year i.e. World Cup Rugby Day, Asian Cup Soccer Day etc. for example.

Our Grade 3-6 students are given the opportunity to represent BPS at the District sports days such as District Swimming, District Cross Country and District Athletics throughout the year where our selected students compete against students from the other 9 Primary Schools in our District. After District their are Division, Region and State competitions for any students who make it through each level.

All grade 5/6 students also compete in selected sports at the Winter Lightning and Summer Lightning Premierships within our District competitions each year and a number of other selected students from this cohort will represent BPS at boys netball and girls football day along with Rugby Gala Day.


Boneo Primary School implement the Victorian Curriculum Levels F-10.

In the Victorian Curriculum F–10, the Humanities includes Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business, Geography and History. Georgraphy and History are taught right throughout the primary school years. Civics and Citizenship commences at level 3 and Economics and Business at level 5.

The Humanities provide a framework for students to examine the complex processes that have shaped the modern world and to investigate responses to different challenges including people’s interconnections with the environment.

In Civics and Citizenship and Economics and Business, students explore the systems that shape society, with a specific focus on legal and economic systems. Students learn about Australia’s role in global systems, and are encouraged to appreciate democratic principles and to contribute as active, informed and responsible citizens.

In History and Geography, students explore the processes that have shaped and which continue to shape different societies and cultures, to appreciate the common humanity shared across time and distance, and to evaluate the ways in which humans have faced and continue to face different challenges.


At Boneo Primary School every child in Years Three and Four are fortunate to have the opportunity to experience the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program (S.A.K.G.P.).  There are many positive educational outcomes for the children as the program is integrated into the curriculum (particularly in the areas of Science, Maths and English.)

Students participate in garden activities every week and cook the produce in the kitchen every fortnight. Through this process the children grow their own food, enjoy the harvest of the seasons and learn how to prepare, cook and share this food with others.

Teaching children to grow, harvest, prepare and share their own fruit and vegetables is proven to have a positive impact on the food choices students make. This learning extends beyond the classroom – research shows that engaged, excited students are likely to share their new skills with their family. Pleasurable food education teaches Australian children positive food habits through fun, hands-on learning.


We get so much feedback from principals, parents and of course from the students themselves, about how popular this is and how it’s changing children’s attitudes towards fresh food.

If they have developed that understanding and willingness to expand their horizons as far as food goes, and understand what goes on in the garden and how that food has got on their plate, those insights and understandings will be there for life.” Stephanie Alexander


At Boneo Primary School we aim to provide a Mathematic curriculum that prepares our children for a lifetime of Mathematical experiences. We work collaboratively, to explore the different ways that we can link our student’s learning with relevant experiences, providing them with the knowledge and skills to survive and thrive in everyday life.

Our planning aims to ensure that our program develops our student’s mathematical understanding, fluency, problem solving and reasoning. This is achieved through a range of teaching and learning methods, which involves a mix of grouping students at points of need and teaching students in their normal class structure. The grouping of students allows specific targeted teaching and learning that is then shared and built upon back in the student’s own classes.

Regular assessment occurs to identify the goals for the point of need teaching and to assess the areas that require further focus and explanation.

The way that we implement our Mathematics program at Boneo Primary School is routinely and regularly reflected upon, as we strive to provide our students with the very best opportunities to grow and learn.


Science allows students to explore and investigate the world they live in. Students are encouraged to ask questions and to develop a variety inquiry skills, with the vision of fostering a curiosity and interest in Science.

Boneo offers a comprehensive Science program for all year levels. Science is embedded in the classroom curriculum and is also taught as a specialist program. Biological, Chemical, Physical and Earth Sciences are the key content areas covered. Students are developing their scientific knowledge in combination with critical thinking and analytical skills.


The reality is that we live in an ever-changing technological world. At Boneo Primary, we want students to have the opportunity to become active contributors and think creatively to design and create new and wonderful possibilities in the future. Our SPARK center will be a central hub where students can apply technical knowledge, process and computational thinking skills in a range of technological contexts.


Music at Boneo PS is based on two overarching principles. Students will learn as musicians and as audience members and will learn through making and responding. Skills and techniques developed will allow students to manipulate, express and share sound as listeners, composers and performers. Music learning has a significant impact on cognitive, affective, motor, social and personal competencies. Through continuous and sequential music learning, students listen to, compose and perform with increasing depth and complexity. Through performing, composing and listening with

Skills and techniques developed will allow students to manipulate, express and share sound as listeners, composers and performers. Music learning has a significant impact on cognitive, affective, motor, social and personal competencies. Through continuous and sequential music learning, students listen to, compose and perform with increasing depth and complexity. Through performing, composing and listening with intent to music, students have access to knowledge, skills and understanding.

The Music program at Boneo aims to develop students’ confidence to be creative, innovative, thoughtful, skilful and informed musicians and give them the skills to listen, improvise, compose, interpret, perform, and respond with intent and purpose.


Students learn creativity, innovation and communication through exploring and expressing ideas and engage in the music practices of listening, composing and performing. They will present and perform music and respond to and interpret music.

Students at Boneo will have the opportunity to participate in our instrumental music program, with the chance to join our band and choir. There is an annual Music Camp, Band Tour, Musical and whole school concert.


The opportunity to engage in the Visual Arts has many and varied benefits. These include fostering creativity, building self-esteem, encouraging flexible thinking, advancing an understanding of different cultures and providing an opportunity for expression.

As Picasso said, “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

At BPS the students from prep to grade six participate in weekly Art sessions where a balance of exciting and stimulating activities are provided.

Through a wide range of activities, the students have the opportunity to experience a variety of materials and techniques. They create a range of visual arts forms, including painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, textiles, construction and modelling.

The students develop an awareness and appreciation of the visual arts from different cultures and from different periods of time. Many of the works they produce are inspired by artists they learn about.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Picasso